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  • Atlantis

    Another "pro" blood article. 1940-Consolation-December-25-p.19 "In New York city a housewife in moving a boarder's things accidentally shot herself through the heart with his revolver. She was rushed to a hospital, her left breast was cut around, four ribs were cut away, the heart was lifted out, three stitches were taken, one of the attending physicians in the great emergency gave a quart of his blood for transfusion, and today the woman lives and smiles gaily over what happened to her in the busiest 23 minutes of her life."

  • Gerard
    Comercio con La sangre

    No venden muchas madres la leche que la naturaleza les dió para sus hijos? Por esto no debe admirarnos que haya quienes comercien con su sangre. Después de los descubrimientos de Landsteiner se han formado entidades especiales que proporcionan sangre para las transfusiones necesarias. Sólo pueden permitirse este lujo las personas que pertenecen al grupo O (cero), por ser, como ya dijimos, su sangre inofensiva para todos los humanos. De una estadística vemos que en 1929 véndieron sangre, en los hospitales de los Estados Unidos, 7,000 personas, llamadas en casos urgentes y que salvaron la vida de muchas personas que por una u otra causa habian perdido su propia sangre.

    En Inglaterra hay sociedades cuyos miembros ofrecen gratuitamente su sangre a los que necesitan. Se habla elogiosamente de una sociedad creada en Londres y adherida a la Cruz Roja, cuyos mienbros se presentan en los casos urgentes y ofrecen la sangre necesaria. La mayoría son jóvenes fuertes y sanos, de entidades diversas, que contribuyen asi, en forma realmente generosa, a la salvacion de los enfermos o heridos. No cobran ni un centavo por su contribución, pero la sociedad los conoce y los respeta como lo merecen.

    Merchandizing Blood

    Doesn't many mothers sell the milk given by nature to them for their children? This is why we should not be surprised thta there are some who sell their blood. After the discoveries by Landsteiner, there have been special organizations that provide blood for blood transfusions. Only people who are O Rh negative can give this luxury, as we said earlier, their blood is harmless to all humans. From one 1929 statistic, we can see that in the USA 7000 people sold their blood when called to do so on emergencies where someone had lost a lot of blood for whatever reason..

    There are societies in England whose members offer their blood for free when needed. A society in London is highly regarded because it coordinates with the Red Cross and its society's members show up whenever they are needed to donate their blood. Most of these members are young, healthy and strong people, from diverse backgrounds who decided to contribute in this generous manner to the salvation of the sick and wounded. They don't even charge one cent for their donnation, but the society knows them and cherrishes them as deserved.

    [Edited to add acomment of mine: The opening sentence does not make sense to me but then again, I never heard of human breast milk being sold in Latin America. Maybe was a common practice decades ago before the invention o Formula Milk??]

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