25 April 2007 - THANKS TO ALL!

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  • Casper

    So true, Sad emo,

    I've had enough drama, and wars in my life... peace & serenity , is what I look for...


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Dear Friends:

    Sad emo ...

    Thanks ever so for your full year of complete support! You're the
    backbone with backbone ...

    Casper ...

    I imagine this thread'll be defunct after today, so kindly post on
    YDJ. We look forward to more of you and yours!

    Gratitude and similar such stuff,


  • Casper

    Thanks CoCo,

    I shall mosey over there then...


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Back To The Top, if you please ...

  • misanthropic

    Happy 1 year Daily Journal! Here's to many more.
    I'm typing from my phone because I'm reinstallingy computer so hopefully there's not too many typos as I try to write this out.
    I've been ripping out carpet in my house and living in chaos for weeks now. Today I got my new tile and wood floors installed (it took 3 days for the installation). So happy to be able to put everything back together and have things somewhat normal. I've practically had no sleep the last 3 nights while everything's been being replaced. So I'm looking forward to getting my computer back up and then having a glass of wine and sleeping in my bed. It's crazy how many little things I realize I've taken for granted lately.

  • Tyrone van leyen
    Tyrone van leyen

    Hi Coco good to see you again. I know you've had that avatar up for a while, But I must say, if that is you in your younger days, you look like a dead ringer for Errol Flynn. ( Sorry off topic)

    Anyways its a good point you make. One i think about often. Todays letters, tommorows nostalgia. It can be quite revealing but perhaps misunderstood as well. It is interesting indeed to look at what people were thinking centuries ago, let alone today, and I suppose it doesn't matter a hill of beans, once you've shuffled off this motal coil, but I can't help but wonder if future generations may stumble upon this with clear vision and see it for what it is or misunderstand it. This is our lives. Good bad and ugly, which can easily be taken out of context from lack of peripherals, and inuendoes which form the whole picture.

    History itself is distorted. Not just by those that conquered who write it, but by details left out which can only fuel imagination and speculation on the truth. I'm not so sure we know the the truth even within our own span of time.

    Sorry for this little discourse, but I have been thinking alot lately about the impact of words and what is left behind.

    Life is a funny thing. You do one thing and get remembered for another. A good example of this is Tim Hortons Donuts. Tim Horton spent his entire life playing hockey. He was actually a very significant player for his day. He started a donut franchise and died in a car accident. All people associate with Tim Horton today is donuts. It's crazy but true. Few people know,or care,about his hockey career.

    Anyways for the sake of posterity Coco, I will tell what I was doing today. Painting! I have been doing it for the last year to bide my time until my back operation which should be coming up soon.

    I sure hope I don't get remembered for donuts.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Dear Friends:

    Miss Ann ...

    Holy Chaos! The end justifies the current turmoil, daresay I. You're absolutely
    correct about all the little things that we take for granted. A single thread that
    is missing from our daily weave of activity can spell domestic disaster. Nice
    work posting via the cell phone. You must have quite a touch!

    Tyrone ...

    So good to have you pop in once again! We've missed you and your astute com-
    mentaries on one's post-exilic experience. The closest I could get to moi without
    giving myself away totally was the image of "Leslie Thompson" of Tasmania. I'm
    sure you understand ...

    Perhaps our written words will mean something to future generations. I do imagine
    cyberspace is here to stay. This is an entirely new venture, viz, the mass exodus from
    an American cult, whose former members are finding their voice. It's an honor to be
    a fellow collaborator, Tyrone.



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