25 April 2007 - THANKS TO ALL!

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  • compound complex
    compound complex


    Dear Friends,

    Much of what we do on a daily basis is routine and of no particular, earth-shaking importance. However, after reviewing letters of family going back to WWII, it is fascinating to read what Dad was doing on board the aircraft carrier in the Pacific on any old day, what Mom was cooking on her ever-steaming range, how I was dealing with the roller coaster of emotion at Bethel [Mom saved all my letters], how Nana wrote that she would not study with the Witnesses [per my request] but 'here are some mittens I knitted for you when you canvass New York with your magazines.'
    Today's thoughts - put into writing - will be tomorrow's "nostalgia."

    So, what are you doing now? What are you thinking? PLEASE SHARE!

    CoCo le Curieux

    Today is the first anniversary of YDJ - my thanks to you (some six dozen members of JWD) for sharing your joys and tears over the last year.

    Love and best wishes,


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Thanks again ...

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    Good morning CoCo.

    I'm at work today, finally it's Friday. This week seems to have been a long one. Last week went soooo very fast. It's quiet here the last few days, I think that's why it seems a long week. It's the calm before the storm I think.

    Today is one of those overcast days you just wish you could stay at home, in your jammies, curled up on the sofa with a book and a cup of tea.

    I have the back door open at the office, and can hear the birds singing over the sounds of the city. I'm contemplating what to do on the weekend, other than cleaning and laundry, and am coming up blank lol. Pretty mundane stuff today.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Wish I could share more openly CoCo. Having to "sanitize" everything is a pain.

    Thanks for starting YDJ and thanks to Simon and the mods for not yanking it.


  • wings

    I'm thinking about my friend Captain Complex, and about how he is always getting me to think. I have been wanting to share some of my memories of my dad on this board. Everytime I do, I can't get through it. So, for you, I will give you a bit at a time. Today on this "anniversary" thread.

    The words that best describe my dad are true Southern Gentelman. He was kind and generous to a fault. He married the meanest woman in the world, so he was always my soft place to land. My affection, my heart.

    He was born into poverty in small town North Carolina. To listen to his childhood menories you would never know he lacked for anything. His parents were both alcoholics, and he spent most of his younger years with his Aunt Claudia (he called AC), and his Grandmother (my mammy, she dipped snuff....). He was an only child, but he had cousins that were like brothers to him. He also had a close buddy named Boe, he stayed in touch with him until the day he died. He always had a story to tell. A few years ago he wrote a wonderful short story about his childhood, growing up on the Pamlico River, all the shenanigans he and his brothers' would get into.

    He had a million pictures he kept, I will now cherish them for him. Thought I would share some as I tell my tale...

    more later....wings

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Dear Friends:

    Mrs. Bee ...

    I do hope there remains calm and no storm ahead for you.
    Today, pour moi, is one of those days on the couch, but not
    by choice. Think I'll try a spot of tea ... sounds good!

    Open Mind ...

    Won't it be grand when we all of us can speak freely? I can
    appreciate your situation. Whither thou art, there, too, am I.
    Yes, thanks Simon and Mods ... MANY THANKS!

    The best to you,


  • Casper

    Hi CoCo,

    I love the thought of joining "YDJ"....

    I have always kept a journal over the years, for memories, daily activities and venting...lol.

    Though, some things, I feel are too "Personal" to be put out in a public forum, of course, I am more than willing to share the less personal thoughts, memories and activities of my life...

    Your efforts to provide a section for this is much appreciated...


  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Dear Friends:

    Wings ...

    How touching, all that you've declared! We must have had the same parents.
    Thanks, too, for sharing those keen photographs. Nostalgia IS what it used
    to be!

    Casper ...

    You're correct: there's only so much we can say publicly, yet it's enough to get
    us acquainted with one another, which, it is hoped, turns into genuine
    friendship. I'm glad that you're here!



  • Casper


    I have a question...

    Is this a New YDJ, starting over, or will they both be active..?

    Not sure if we are to post our thoughts here or there...


  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    One of the best threads on JWD - an oasis from the flames...

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