Your Favorite Authors Are...

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  • heathen

    ah yah let's see for fiction , S.King, Dean Koontz ,clive cussler, Terry BRooks, JR tolkein ,G Orwell,Marvel comics ,LOL

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Fiction - Agatha Christie

    Children's Fiction - Watchtower writing dept.

  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    Neil Gaiman

    Morgan Llewellyn

    Thomas Harris

    Hunter S. Thompson

    Chuck Pahlahniuk

    Irvine Welsh

    Alex Garland

  • Switch

    James Michener

    James Clavell

    David Baldacci

    M.M. Kaye

    Barbara Kingsolver

    Anne Tyler

    Jane Austen

    Mark Twain

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I didn't realize that Madonna and Julienne Moore were authors. Cool.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    I'd like to read something of Carl Sagan's. I'm curious about him.

    Starhawk is another favorite.

  • Mulan

    Ken Follett

    Norah Roberts

    James Michener

    David Baldacci

    Dan Brown

    M.M. Kaye

    Barbara Kingsolver

    John Grisham

  • CunningMan

    Alfred Bester, Philip K. Dick, Feodor Dostoevsky, Patricia Highsmith, Franz Kafka, H.P. Lovecraft,

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Oh yes! Nora Roberts writes steam like no other

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