ugh... plaintive letter to return to the KH

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  • dogisgod

    Your response is soooo good. It is so much more kind without a hint of judgement. I just don't know if it's worth the time thinking about him or them. His letter just makes me mad. The old "if you don't do what we want you are gonna die....and sooon!!!!!!" mode. Who really wants to serve God out of fear???? Better to be a mafia wife. If it makes you feel better he probably counted the time he used composing this letter.

  • Quirky1

    Since I've been gone there has been a few sisters send me cards with something written in them. I didn't even read them, I just threw them in the trash in front of my JW wife.

    I don't care for their nonsence anymore.


  • Jim_TX

    I think that since you said his wife is a non-JW (if I understood correctly), you should do the following.

    1) Do not acknowledge his letter with a response letter, like you are planning.

    2) Send his lovely wife a lovely Mother's Day Card around Mother's Day - write something sweet in it - to her. Do not mention his letter that he sent to you.

    This will drive him nuts as he will wonder why you didn't acknowledge his letter. However, he will also get the message - as JWs do not celebrate Mother's Day. By your sending the card - you will be showing that you have been assimilated by the 'worldlies'.

    The card will be a 'positive' gesture - towards his wife - which will get her to thinking of how nice you are.

    (Not sure any of this makes sense...)

    Just my .02 worth.

    Jim TX

  • chickpea

    you KNOW, in all his wildest imagings, this "brother" could NEVER have anticipated that his letter would generate references of donuts and rat turds!!...... and yeah, that scab thing was a nasty and ill-applied illustration......

    i am really inclined to let sleeping dogs lie.... if he never gets a response he can assume what he will..... i think it is more than safe to say we are never going to fall for "the tasty looking donuts" ever again

    thank you


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