Help me with my Med Term homework...Jeopardy Catagories

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  • JH

    I really really wish I could help.....

  • crazyblondeb

    I used this site when I was in nursing school...

  • crazyblondeb
  • ButtLight

    Thanks for the links Crazyblondeb!

    How about these puns.........(my boyfriend made most of them)

    Be genital with me!

    Urine Trouble!

    Father "nose" best!

    Eye kid eu not! (eu is a med term)

    You gotta be kid "n" ey!

    The whole tooth & nothing but the tooth!

    I dont remember, my mammory's bad!

    Ears lovin' ya baby!

    I like this one, but people with perverted minds may take it the wrong way!

    You finger it out! (I on the other hand was thinking of 5 medical terms dealing with fingers!)

  • AudeSapere

    Funny stuff!!

    I'd like to see the final work.

  • JH
    Urine Trouble!

    OK, I just got it....

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    When do you graduate? Are you in med school?

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