Apostate-attack on a JW-stand in Norway (with pictures)

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  • AntiKrist

    I was during last weekend in Oslo, Norway, to have an apostate meet-up. We had the purpose of creating a new apostate association in Norway. However, guess if we didn't run into a JW-stand right next to a Scientology-stand in the city centre (the text on the poster translates: "What happens to us when we die?)!


    We were three apostates that just didn't have much to lose so we did our best to save the cult members. I started my round of preaching about Gods true nature using the JW's own bible:


    One apostate successfully placed a copy of Crisis Of Conscience by Raymond Franz among the JW's own literature and the funny thing is that they never noticed since my preaching kinda' pulled a crowd (we also saw a spectator starting to browse the book later!):


    I had a nice biblical conversation with three JW's all in all. Much can be said about it too but the perfect blow was when one of the JW's had said that there can only be one true religion and I said that if the goal truly was a paradise then he ought to research every religion out there to be even more sure and certain about his thing. However, he then said that he "just know" that he already belongs to the one true religion and that he doesn't need to hear what other religious people have to say. Guess what I read to him then? Proverbs chapter 18 verse 13: " He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him". The JW dropped his jaw and after a few seconds he just said that "that is about all things except religion" lol.

    Oh I had one more full blown punch too. After reading about slaves, violence and even pure barbaric slaughter, all which had Gods fully approval; one JW countered by mentioning the big drowning and Noah and said that all of these is just examples that one cannot question God and whatever he does - he am right about it too. However, I asked if a loving God wouldn't hate such a merciless and careless view of humans as the one this JW just presented. Wouldn't a caring God love humans who loved other humans and who couldn't see between the fingers about violence? Wasn't that what cute Jesus did when he abandoned the entire old law? I even asked if anyone present could look me into the eyes and say that "I could very well do such a thing as to drown the entire planet?" One JW laughed and replied: "What a luck then that we don't have to make such a decision". I said that those very words indeed were a statement that he, as a imperfect human being couldn't do such a thing! Once more the JW's stated with a hurry that one cannot judge God and that he is right whatever he chooses to do. I made a short break and asked: "Why do you guys keep on defending what God already has regretted, isn't that why he put up the rainbow?" You should have seen the faces! =)

  • AntiKrist

    One can see in the picture above that whenever I preach to a JW they all have the bad habit of trying to pull away the bible from me. One dude who knocked on my door a nice Saturday even ran away from me without saying goodbye! After almost one hour at the door he pulled the bible from me with force and ran away! hmm I wonder why. Isn't it these guys who have "the truth"? The lady on the picture never managed to take the bible but switch to the other side of the stand instead and never said a word more.

  • nomoreguilt

    I LOVE it...I must say that you have some LARGE ahem, you know what I mean. It really takes courage and conviction to face down the jw's like that.I am still waiting for my opportunity to reason with them. I liked the C of C placement, very well done.


  • Hope4Others

    Interesting, that must be a new approach signs and publications in a public place?

    I guess they were a captive audience where could they go, it was their stand. Job well done 3 apostates.



  • Eyes Open
    Eyes Open

    Nice job.

    Love the photos!

  • Burger Time
    Burger Time

    Damn they really do do things different and Europe. I have never seen such a stand here in America! Nice work. Definitely funny when the dubs look ridiculous when speaking to someone who knows all about their religion.

  • alanv

    Well done anti-Kriste, There is nothing I would like to do more than expose the borg for what they are. The trouble is for those of us who have faded if we start challenging the witlesses we would more than likely be dissfellowshipped. The reason many have simply faded instead of making a stand is because they still have family in the org. If we were formally disfellowshipped it would create a massive barrier between us and the family member still in.

    So I guess it is up to people like you to expose them for what they are. Keep up the good work.

  • BluesBrother

    Nice one, Antikrist... I have never seen a stand like that in the U K . I think that you would permission from the local council and they are reluctant to encourage that kind of thing.

    I would love to talk to dubs with that opportunity to be anonymous - you could have a good go !

  • monophonic

    great stuff, thanks.

  • SirNose586
    Damn they really do do things different and Europe. I have never seen such a stand here in America! Nice work. Definitely funny when the dubs look ridiculous when speaking to someone who knows all about their religion.

    Actually, we have the same stands here; if you're not looking for them, you wouldn't see 'em. I've seen three locations in SD so far: Mission Valley mall, the airport, and at Ellen Scripps Browning park in La Jolla. The La Jolla location is a fantastic spot. I recently had lunch there...

    This shot is me heading north on Girard Avenue:


    This is a view of the tidepools, at the north tip of the park, looking west:


    I definitely got my Sunshine Tax's worth that day.

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