How home schooling sounds...

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  • WTWizard

    Yes, home schooling has a place with today's wretched, disjointed system of learning that leaves people dumbed down so they can sheepishly obey the leaders. So many things are dangerous if poorly educated people attempted on their own that properly educated people could safely do better than the Establishment, and the Establishment is having too much fun making money off it.

    The one thing I have against home schooling is that the parents who are attempting it have to count the full cost and be ready and willing to bear it. It takes a lot of time. There is the issue of having access to sources that schools take for granted. Field trips (not field circus) are essentials. And, the parents have to pay for equipment that schools usually have on hand, like movie videos and lab equipment. If parents are not prepared, they are going to fall short on some or all these things, and the child will suffer.

    Also, children that are home schooled are at risk of missing out on social opportunities (and that is too often the reason the witlesses are home schooled). Children need to play and work with other children. It is not good for children to be sequestered at home all the time, without the chances to grow. Those after-school events are other opportunities: Scouts, sports teams, dances, and the like prepare children for the real world as much as the curriculum.

    I am conditionally in favor of allowing home schooling, and the condition is that the parents need to fully integrate the whole cost. All needs have to be met, and too often it is not possible with today's working parents. Done correctly (and that's a big if), home schooling is superior to public schools with their wretched agendas to dumb down America so they can profit and scam the crap out of people.

    Under no circumstances am I in favor of home schooling to bring a child up in a cult. Using the Washtowel or Asleep! magazines, that Creation book, or Washtowel littera-trash will only create biased education that is always worse even than the wretched state schools. Nor should it be used to keep children away from worldly viewpoints, because that would also narrow them down sharply.

  • foreverfree

    Back in my school days (1980's), If you were home schooled you were either, retarded, mentally ill, juvenile delinquent, or some other thing was wrong with you. Nowadays, all you gotta do is just be too fat and/or lazy to get up in the morning and actually go to school.

  • kurtbethel

    For many people homeschooling is an important option. Not everyone can afford the $400,000 house you need to buy to live in a decent school district. Getting "socialized" at school can be overrated if it involves children picking on you and mocking you for being different. California schools have adopted curriculum designed to create compliant workers that are just good enough to punch the correct picture on the cash register. Ask a high school grad to find a major city or nation on a map and there is a good chance they can not. Math is no better. I have seen copies of the tests given. There was a flap about this several years ago because the school district wanted to keep it a secret from parents and not allow them to see the test. Why not? It seems they were not teaching how to read and do math, but just adjusting attitudes. Sample math question would be like this: "There are 5 birds in a nest and 2 fall out. How do you feel about this?" If a parent finds out about this abomination and wants to make some sacrifice to home school, more power to them. I enjoy watching a spelling bee and see the home schooled children clean the clocks of those from the publik skule.

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