How home schooling sounds...

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  • wanderlustguy

    Sounds familiar.

  • owenfieldreams

    How dare you make fun of homeschooling! As piss poor as our public educational system is in this country being controlled by the teachers unions, I don't blame parents one bit for opting out of the public system and for home schooling their kids. BTW, there is nothing in the constitution of the US that makes provision for publicly financed education.

  • changeling

    Don't get me started...

    I think home schooling should be illegal.

    Granted, some people do it "right", but so many uneducated, religious freaks (like JW's) use home schooling to control their children and monitor their every move. The potential for harm is too high to ignore.

    There is quality public education available in this country. If the schools in your district are doing poorly, move to a better district.

    That's my 2cents.

    changeling (who was home schooled for three years-but only two grades-by her missionary wanna be mom)

  • AudeSapere

    Is that Adam Carrola? Kind of sounts like him but a little tamer than usual...?


  • Balsam

    I home schooled my oldest son from 9th through 12th grade, what a terrible mistake it was. I deprived him of so much. Though public school education could be better too often home schooling is of little benefit for kids who would have done well in school anyway.

  • wanderlustguy

    yup, Adam Carolla, I was listening to some old Loveline shows. I love his rants he gets on.

    I think there are advantages to both types of schooling, but, the social interaction is a big thing to miss out on. My main point was more the religious upbringing and how she isn't supposed to go to college. Home School College?

  • sweetface2233

    I thought she said that she could go away to college. Adam was poking fun at home school and said "Home School College". But, HELLO, isn't that what on-line courses are?

  • CoonDawg

    My ex is case in point an argument against homeschooling. She's homeschooling my 14 year old daughter. Now I have a F*cking idiot teaching our daughter how to be a F*cking idiot. This is the same woman who fashioned a spelling for "you'ns"....the same woman who thinks that reading fiction is "a waste of time."

  • Nowman

    I was homeschooled because my parents thought I was too social, so homeschooling is not an option for my kids unless something truly makes it a reason to do it, I longed to be social when I was homeschooled. I always felt smuthered by my parents. I can relate very well and remember it being very controling. The only good thing was that I graduated a year early, and not because I was a genious, but because I just kept working at it to get it done.

    My older kids are social, and I think its important for them to know/learn how to be social, it teaches them how to be leaders, not followers, they will go through things socially that will help them in their adult life, it will also teach them who they are, not everyone is a leader, some wind up being followers. Who know, but kids need to be social.

    My 2 cents,


  • yknot

    Now Now...

    I homeschool.....

    I live in an area that has a high percentage of homechoolers so I have lots of support. We all work together to make sure our children are socialized and active. School for us usually only takes 2-3 hours, then it is time for outings, and playgroups. After the PS kids come home they usually come over to my house for homework and playtime (yea we got the best backyard in the 'hood)

    I guess something bothers me about attending a public school whose handbook is based on the Texas Penal System.

    Well, that and the fact that most of the school board's kids attend the local private schools.

    BTW the private schools in my area use BJ and Abeka (which are both homeschool programs) and are university model schools.

    I have my daughter tested at the end of each school year by the ps, so far she is ahead.

    If it ain't for you, then don't engage......but I love it!

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