Is the WT banning vasectomies?

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  • momzcrazy

    This is one thing that started me on my path to freedom. My reproductive organs are nobody's business but mine. It went way too far. They need to control too much and people just accept it. Then I started reading even more idiotic rules, and started to try to justify them in the Bible. I couldn't. So, bu-bye WTS!

    Partly because I wanted to follow the rules, and mostly because it involved an hour doc visit, I hade the Essure proceedure done. $20 copay, some valium and I was done. I went home and took a nap, was back to myself that night!


  • civicsi00

    I had it done, and told very few people about it. In the end, it was my decision because there's no biblical support for it. I don't think any elders ever found out about it, though.

  • hamsterbait


    When it suits them "true, CHRISTIANS are not under the Mosaic Law"

    When it don't the same Law is invoked BIG style.

    Did you know that a couple who copulate during the wife's period can be Disfellowshipped?

    They are just ensuring another generation of captives to finance the Dotage of the Gibbering Buddy.

  • loosie

    Well I guess if the ban vasectomies it will help keep the publisher numbers up.

  • CunningMan

    Like others here, I fear that they'll take further steps towards banning contraceptives. The next thing you know, married couples will be need a chaperon who'll make sure the cock finds the right hole.

  • Gordy

    I had a vasectomy 19 years ago (1989) when I was a Min Servant.

    We went for it after an Elder friend of ours had it done.

    Also checked with another Elder if is was all right to have done. He said he could not see any problem over it.

    Then they changed teaching after I left tothat a man cannot be a Min Sewrvant or Elder if he had a vasectomy.

    Yet the Elder who had one is still an Elder.

    Anyway all a couple have to do is not let on, the husband has had one.

  • CunningMan

    Yes, as if having a vasectomy has anything to do with your abilities or sincere you feel about God. Where do they get this shit? It's a though the new governing body members were so eager to start making decisions that they chose any old arbitrary restriction to impose.

  • Honesty

    having a reputation of making decisions in harmony with the Bible? Such a disturbing blemish on one’s reputation could, of course, affect a minister’s being qualified for special privileges of service, though that might not be so if one had in ignorance had this procedure performed.—1 Timothy 3:7.

    The PO in my old kh had his cut back in the early 90's so the cult had to clarify matters or else a lot of elders would have had to have been removed for removing the reproductive powers.

  • Barbie Doll
    Barbie Doll

    Civics-----You have a PM

  • Rabbit


    Each couple must determine if and when they will employ appropriate methods of family planning. Granted, their decision would be particularly telling if there were confirmed medical assurances that mother or child faced grave medical risks, even a probability of death, with a future pregnancy. Some in that situation have reluctantly submitted to a sterilization procedure as described earlier to make sure that no pregnancy would threaten the life of the mother (who may already have other children) or that of a child who might later be born with a life-threatening health problem

    So...let me get this straight...the WTS says, "No!" to sterilization, right ? But, then they turn about face and allow that, if, "mother or child faced grave medical risks, even a probability of death," by another pregnancy, then, it's "OK"? Or at least understandable ? Especially if she has other children ???

    So, why not allow the same 'humane' or even "godly" reasoning when the JW mother has other "grave medical risks" that may kill her ? Like when she needs a blood transfusion ?

    My JW mother was too old to get pregnant, but, she had several kids and a husband when she was smothered to death by the GB's blood ban. She never got that 'humane' consideration or forgiveness that JW's who are considering sterilization.

    Damn hypocrites...they can't keep their own doctrines from conflicting.


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