What was the "Most" embarrassing Moment in your life...?

by Casper 23 Replies latest jw friends

  • Casper

    For Hope...

    Mine was a few years ago,

    My Mother and I had went out to eat at a buffet restaurant...we went to fill our plates. I get mine and return to our booth, while saying..."Oh, there's something I want to show you"...and immediately start digging around in my purse.

    I notice a scarf and pull it out...saying.. "I don't remember this". Then it dawns on me... This isn't my purse and I look up and see the look of pure horror on the Lady's face across the table.. I'm sure mine was the same when I realized, she wasn't my Mother...

    I am in the WRONG booth...rooting around in some stranger's purse. I mumble something unintelligible.. and look around for my Mother..who is sitting in our booth across the aisle, having a good laugh.

    Fortunately the woman didn't have me arrested....

    I was soooo embarrassed…

  • changeling

    That made me laugh!

    changeling :)

  • liquidsky

    Not too many yet. Knock on wood.

    A couple of years ago, while paying for items at a pet store, my purse fell over. The only items that fell out and rolled across the counter were a couple of tampons... Of course the clerk was a teenage boy... I think he was more embarrassed than me.

  • Casper

    Oh Changeling...

    I died a thousand times over at that moment....LOLOL.


    LOL.... My face would have been as "RED" as his....


  • R.Crusoe

    I have so many!

    One was when I was in the arms of a girl I was infatuated with ( I was about 13/14) and for about the severalth time just froze and couldn't kiss her! She walked off for good! I just stood for ages in a surreal stone stance wishing dad was around!

    Like my everything wanted to so much but my whole body went into one of thoise bad dreams where your in front of goal with an open net after dribbling past half the opposing team and your foot just won't move and everyone is let down!

    Yup - I never ever recovered from it - even to this day.

  • Casper

    Awwww RC... that must have been devastating....


  • R.Crusoe

    I've never been so embarassed whilst completely alone.

    That feeling repeated on me more times than I can ever remember so it must have imprinted in my psyche pretty deeply!

    And moving to a 'next stage' (with any girl I really was drawn towards) became like a weirdest feeling = like I felt when my hero died (dad) never to return. And amazingly I never have been in love with a woman I have been with = like they're out of reach!

    So mmmmm??? Odd reality that!

    I imagine others have similar recurring nightmares as a result of specific events?

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    3rd grade. Teacher had told us, that when she was out of the room, nobody could get out of their seats. A month later, she was out, and I remembered her admonishing us to stay seated.

    Kids were throwing away their trash, sharpening pencils, getting another book, etc...

    I decided to start taking down names. When she got back, I presented her with my list. Ha Ha. Everybody got reminded of her statement of long ago. H/L, got a slight pat on the back from the teacher. Go to hell looks from fellow class-mates.

    Within an hour, I had a question about something, and went to the front of the row, to ask a girl a question about our work. Something caught my eye. Somebody was looking in the classroom door window. The teacher was not at her desk!! It was our teacher, looking in the window!

    I quickly sat down, she walked in, and asked why my face was sooo red?

  • Casper

    Another one...

    We live within one hundred & fifty miles of two military bases, which routinely fly fighter jets over our house, so low that sometimes you can actually see the pilot.

    One day the Avon lady had stopped by....I invited her in and she is giving me her presentation, when I hear the deafening roar of a jet coming over the house...I sincerely thought, "This is it, it's going to hit the house" !!

    I hit the floor and cover my head....after it went over, I look up and she is leaning over trying to show me her brochure, while I was lying flat, faced down on the floor........

    I got up, sat beside her on the couch, she never asked and I didn't offer, we went on like nothing had happened....

    She never missed a beat, but "I" felt like an idiot...


  • Casper

    I quickly sat down, she walked in, and asked why my face was sooo red?


    That's a cute story, hope you can laugh about it now...


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