Wild Speculations About Future Watchtower Changes

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  • DT

    Here are some of my predictions. I would enjoy hearing yours.

    1. The new merged meeting will eventually be shortened, perhaps to an hour and a half.

    2. More changes about the generation and 1914. They will talk about 1914 less and possibly drop it or change it when people
    stop paying much attention to it. They may eventually decide the generation is the anointed since the first century, rather than
    the anointed since 1914

    3.A further weakening of the blood policy. They probably won't get rid of it, but will wait until technical advances make
    blood transfusions rare or unnecessary.

    4. They will eventually change their shunning policy. They may continue to push shunning while quietly making
    it a conscience matter to avoid possible legal complications.

    5. They will lose millions more in pedophilia lawsuits. They will only apologise or reform their practices if they decide it
    is in their best interests to do so.

    6. They will train their members on how to respond to the common apostate objections that they hear in the ministry, at work or during
    unauthorised use of the Internet.

    I may add more later. Now it is your turn.

  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More

    Blood, Voting, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Grandparents Day, Birthdays, Thanksgiving all a matter of conscience - "let each one resolve in his own mind what he ought to do" - geeze louise, these guys are slow to catch on, but once they do, I think they are gonna go into overdrive to make up for the Katrina like busting of the dams.....which is a coming with a vengeance....

    Disfellowshipping will be done away with due to HUMAN RIGHTS LAWS violations and they won't be able to put a spin on it

  • AnnOMaly

    Due to the shortage of available, qualified brothers, they will allow sisters to become ministerial servants (of course, they can't be called 'ministerial servants' - a new title will have to be thought up). They will still not be allowed to have teaching roles in the congregation, but they can help count contributions (if numerate) and pretty up the literature desk.

  • Hortensia

    One day they'll all lose interest and wander off to play pinochle with their neighbors...

  • 5go

    Huge liberalizing to get those sickened by staunchly conservative normal churches. (which is a growth area for new churches BTW) Everything becomes a conscience matter. DFing is changed to one can't hold any positions but that is it. Women MS then over time Elders. Starting charities so the can blend in an cover over their past image of stinginess.

  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More


    Good point - maybe the one less meeting is to allow the 'brothers' to actually do charitable works...visit the sick, support the poor, help the illiterate, etc. - They must be starting to realize that they can no longer trot out the 'Jesus wasn't known for building hospitals' line....Do ya figure they are starting to realize that they actually look worse than 'Babylon the Great' in that department so an image makeover should be a top priority? One can only hope....

  • 5go

    Hey the Mormons did it to survive why can't the WT.

  • loosie

    Maybe they will liquidate all of their assets, move away, leave no forwarding address. Stop printing crap and leave the local congos hanging. then eventually the local congos will come up with their own ideas and splinter off. Then there will be no more organized JW's.

    YEAH !!!!!!

  • oompa

    To help out the poor outnumberd sisters, the concubine arrangement will return....or maybe we can adopt the FLDS multiple wife thingy...after all we borrowed heavy fromt he Adventists...................oompa

    course that might get ol oompa back!

  • 10p

    I'd bet conventions are on that list of future changes. They must be very costly - they never seem to make budget at my ones, and the local branch foots the bill (edit - temporarily, then they get all the local congs to pass special resolutions to make up the shortfall). Plus, all those apostates that turn up!

    I'd wager that within 10 years, conventions are no more - maybe they will substitute with another assembly, or just make the one-dayer a two-dayer and then they will end up with 2x 2 day assemblies per year and no conventions.

    AFter all, its only those who are in their 60's and over who know anybody else in the district to 'catch up with old friends' at a convention. Once they're all feeble and struggling to even make it to the convention, there will be no point.

    And once again, think of the savings. Plus its just a natural extension of a trend ... they've been shortening conventions constantly ... from like 6 days or something (way before my time) to 5, then 4, then 3. From food supplies to BYO and other minor 'simplifications' ... its only a matter of time.

    besides, these days there seems to be more people OUTSIDE the convention during the program than in.

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