Cutting of BS following WT plan: No more personal study or research!

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  • searcher
    Everyone knows of the now infamous September '07 Our Kingdom Ministry box with the small paragraph pretty much banning all independent research of the Bible, other translations, the original Greek & Hebrew, etc with the exception of WatchTower publications.

    Does anyone have a link to a scan of this KM please?

  • avishai

    I'm all about them being evil and corrupt, but in this case could it just maybe be The gradual dumbing down in the dubs leaves them with just less to talk about? The shortened attn. spans in society at large? Seriously, what person, or even brainwashed dub of today would sit down to one of the standard length assembly's of the 1960's? 4-5 days, starting early in the a.m, going til late at night?

  • justhuman

    Very good point Wing Commander

    I agree with you. I do recall the good old times (the 80's and early 90's)how did we allowed to make research, and families gathering together to study the WT article study. I left with the start of the new millenium. Indeed I can see from my possition how do the GB is trying to get TOTAL control over the JW's.

    I believe the book study it was the best thing in the WT world. It was in family inviroment and it build relations between the JW's. Only future will show the impact of this change on the JW's.

    Personally I believe is a negative developement and it will turn WT more culitsh than ever.

  • still_in74
    It can't be a control tactic because they could have easily just done away with "home" book studies and reel everyone back into the Kingdumb Hall on Monday or Tuesday nights. They didn't HAVE to sacrifice the Book Study night at all!

    they couldnt fit all the congs into each KH - 3 times per week. Our KH has 3 Cong's, this couldnt be done without immediately building countless KH's

    There must be another reason. Perhaps they have to limit the access of pedophiles to children and this was ONE way of doing so. Maybe the legal department was weighing down on the GB to make something happen to decrease the law suits flying into their division.

    interesting point... never thought of a legal angle

  • still_in74
    Based on Franz's book and how the Governing Body operates I doubt it's nearly as sinister or dramatic as many on here would just love it to be. I am more in line with the loss of elders and MS due to high stress, so something had to be done. The Monday meeting is the easiest meeting for most people to miss, it's just not viewed as important. Also as was brought up in another thread many are going to the Saturday morning meetings because it's just that much easier. Until I see actual proof of some evil diabolic scheme to control people it's just another religion with people who think they are honestly doing the right thing.

    at my assembly just passed the DO talked about the edification of 11 congregations per day world wide (300k baptized / 75 per cong =4k cong's per year / 365=11) thus a need for 55 new Elders every day world wide - 20,000 per year! That is a tall order considering how many children leave the org as soon as they are out of the home. New ones are years away from being elders if they stay, and it is likely that the majority of newcomers are woman. Elders are always stepping down due to stress and family. No doubt the recent "new light" will create a disconnect for many elders that are on the edge too. Sat morn Book studies have the lowest attendance in most cong's thus decreasing the FS attendance. To move all congs to Sat BS would crash FS & BS attendance even more. Here is what I think the spin will be: the book study will be a FAMILY STUDY NIGHT - we will study this as families and review it at the Service Meeting.But here is the clincher! - Family heads will get to count this as a STUDY on their FS Report. Thus the number of studies will increase dramatically! They are already harping about the huge drop in RV's due to the reduction of monthly magazines, the # of studies will surely drop as a result of this Thus, making the Book Study a family study responsibility they can count these as studies and Whammo! The org has good numbers again!

  • Gerard

    I don't know about the study, but am sure that Crooklyn does NOT want to promote research on the WT now that the internet is available!!

  • LanDi

    Can some one please post a quote or better still pdf jpeg of the Sep 07 kingdom ministry. This I gotta see !

    Some of the finest bible study material, the stuff that really gives an insight into the bibles depth and meaning - that actually make it really interesting are Non WT stuff.

  • ImFreeatlast
    Can some one please post a quote or better still pdf jpeg of the Sep 07 kingdom ministry. This I gotta see !

    here you go

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