I predicted a big change to the book study arrangement just over a year ago

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  • Phizzy

    Dear MickeyMouse , who no longer posts here, predicted earlier in this thread that inactive non-attenders would be dealt with after a certain period of time, i.e declaring them (us, for a lot of us here) to have DA'd by inaction.

    I think this will happen, to increase the fear of leaving.

  • Gypsy Sam
    Gypsy Sam

    Phizzy, that would be intriguing. I personally know a dozen local acquaintances locally that stopped attending in the past year. I wonder how WT would go about it- what if someone had been sick? We haven't gone since the memorial and haven't received any contact since July.

    Bythe looks of things on Facebook, active JW's keep in touch with those clearly living a nonJW life. Sometimes, I'm amazed that they don't unfriend when it is clear these people are flying under the radar. I guess it does have a lot to do with the title of DA or d'fd In some jw minds.

  • RunAsFastAsYouCan

    jesus wept.

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