Next big announcement: All Circuirt Overseers Sacked!

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    I remember the three CO visits a year, and I remember that the congregation used to donate supplies and money to the family he stayed with so he wouldn't be a burden.

    Now we find the circuit providing an apartment, car (I don't think the congos made a contribution for that) and nobody suggests helping the family that puts him up when he stays.


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    We had a particular CO who did not like the Saturday morning bookstudy arrangement. L.A. is super congested and getting home in time for the bookstudy can be a real pain. So a Saturday morning bookstudy was implemented.

    The CO went on about it and moved the brothers to cancel it. His logic? That it would not be spiritually healthy to go too many days between meetings. I would love to bring that logic up to him now. But then again, he may not have a job soon.

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