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    New Jerusalem Bible and the New Revised Standard Version are generally good.

    I just looked at the same chapter and I can agree allot better


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  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead

    I just bought a Holman Study Bible and its pretty good...

  • Morgana

    For the Hebrew bible, very good and helpful for understanding the original meaning is The Jewish Study Bible (ISBN: 0195297512) which has extensive footnotes (some members of the translation team were also involved in the New Revised Standard Version which I also love).

    And for the Torah (i.e., 5 books of Moses) alone, my favorite English translation is The Bible with Sources Revealed by Richard E. Friedman (ISBN: 006073065X) which shows the different text sources in different colors and printing styles; Friedman also has published the wonderful Commentary on the Torah (ISBN: 0060507179) which also contains the complete text in Hebrew and English in parallel. I would recommend Friedman's translations even if you speak Hebrew as I do - they provide a lot of insight into the background and true ancient meaning of the Scripture.

    Finally, if you want to dig even deeper into the Hebrew text, have a look at the JPS Bible Commentary series (you can do a search at - very expensive, but the best there is.

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    Richard E. Friedman I have all his books I enjoyed ridding team all morgana yes I agree

    at/ata zodek/et b-100%

    Chag ha’atzmot shamich

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