Close friends to be discouraged in Witchtower.

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  • nomoreguilt

    Pant wettingly good fun !!! I love that! How many times did you actually hear or see someone have a rip roaring time? And, when they did, EVERYONE looked to see who it was that was actually having a GOOD TIME!


  • SPAZnik

    I love this train of thought you're on, Terry. Well put.

  • Lo

    Pant-wettingly was the best term I could think of! It's accurate though. The kind of crap they think is fun...boring barnyard kids movies and and safe-safe music is sooooo DULL. And of course you couldn't possibly go to a nightclub lest you forget yourself and sleep with a total stranger. As if.

  • SPAZnik

    HB - yes, i agree that the "thou shalt be friends only with whom we say" reeks of political agenda. I might say "maintain" stranglehold as opposed to "increase" it, but I don't really know. ////// About 11 years ago when I was a newlywed, I sought out the advice of a more experienced woman in the hall on simple matters of handling all my daily practical responsibilities. She showed up at my door, cleaning supply bucket in hand, offering practical assistance. Other than that she simply showed compassion for my situation. Wow, I remember thinking, what a loving response. Somehow ???? this "budding friendship" was perceived as a threat to those in the JW world, because that "sister" and myself each received a visit by two "elders". In my visit I was read the riot act in that I was told that her husband doesn't want her befriending me and so as the head of his household he has the authority to decide that. Additionally, I was told, if I disobey the elders and their vested authority by speaking to her again, I could face a judicial committee on the matter (and so could she). Various "supporting" scriptures were read to me to demonstrate that this was all by "Jehovah's will and authority" and that to disobey would mean I could end up disfellowshipped. What an eye-opener. I began to realize what a political bind it was to be a woman and a JW when even friendship within the congregation is controlled and that it really had little or nothing to do with love at all. I couldn't believe that she was being reprimanded for being loving to me. I couldn't believe they were allowing an expression of support and love to be twisted into something worthy of disfellowshipping. Bloody warlords, that's what they were, not spiritual shepherds. It was hard to respect those men. They were such puppets. Truly wolves in sheep's clothing.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    May those power mongers eat shit by the fistfull until they choke to freaking death on it.

  • hamsterbait

    This prophetic post, in part accounts for why the BS was done away woth.


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