Close friends to be discouraged in Witchtower.

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  • hamsterbait

    in some workplaces, colleagues are actively discouraged or even forbidden to socialize. What is the rationale behind this?

    For centuries, the Roman church has discouraged priests and nuns from having "particular" friends. I am not sure to what extent bethHELLites are so discouraged.

    In Witchtower World, socializing is now very controlled, with little or no allowance made for spontaneous fun.

    It has become common for people to stay behind after the Book Study, drink coffee, cake and talk. God forbid! They are getting to know each other!! hence the move to the Kingdumb Hell which is coming up.

    The WT has already said in an article that we can "Get to know each other" by going out in field circus - but they suggest that only spiritual things are discussed, such as articles in the magazines.

    As a result of the isolation of members, though in a crowd, each one becomes more clonelike, and less likely to express individuality or ask challenging questions.

    I am convinced that many witlesses only ever see each other in spritual activities. If they have no "worldlings" as friends, this makes it even harder to escape.

    This trend is all part of Jaraszs plan to increase the stranglehold on the very souls of the Witlesses.

    I wonder if anybody else sees it this way?


  • VM44

    The "Friends" are not really one's friends!

    Perhaps they are more like Spiritual "Friends" but only with the 'r' taken out!

  • winnower

    It will make it easier when they have to break ties. No heart involved.

    "Will you choose your friends or choose Jehovah?" (hasn't that always been a maxim?)

    Of course they still have not realized that it is not really "jehovah" they are choosing, but the dictates of the GB and the local henchmen.

    If the Society can manipulate people to deny their emotions and feelings for one another, then these people will truly become Society robots.

    And very cold hearted.

  • Terry

    The Watchtower is discouraging the comparing of notes out of school!

    A confidante is somebody you can trust to be like-minded enough to hear your secret doubts!

    This must be discouraged at all costs!

    If only you have doubts---you can feel uneasy and guilty. Should you discover your best friend has the SAME DOUBTS---you can compare reasons and determine the basis for doubt.

    This is what leads to all sorts of problems for this religion!

    If you read the story brother Raymond Franz has told about the huge upheaval in Bethel when he and others were singled out for excoriating disapproval---you'll discover it all began with brothers who had doubts comparing notes confidentially!

    Once the seed of doubt is sewn---there is no going back for an HONEST person.

    But, you have to have a sounding board to achieve perspective.

    Only discussing approved policy will prevent the emergence of INDIVIDUAL THOUGHT.

    I suggest you re-read Ayn Rand's short book ANTHEM to see what parallels can be drawn here.

  • R.Crusoe

    This is an absolute must!

    It is the same at R&F level = even a woman must as part of baptism acknowledge the elders above her husband in her loyalties!

    So there is no place they will not transplant the WT GB artificial 'ever loyal' friend!

    What b.s. sprinkled with sugar the WT glistens with!

    May every farmer in operation make a large deposit on at KH 'hole in the wall' near you and not charge them for it! Surely it would be food at the proper time and be sure to reap an excellent harvest.

  • Honesty

    So, the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT is "the individual Book Studies will be combined into one MAJOR brainwashing session at the kingdumb hell"

    Is that right?

    Oh Boy, Jehover really does take care of his people.

    Now they can all congregate and be encouraged to swallow the swill in the same room together.

  • BabaYaga

    Well said, Hamster.

  • Hope4Others

    We had a book study group in our home for years, I always served coffee and many would take turns bringing a treat, it was always fun.

    I am convinced that many witlesses only ever see each other in spritual activities. If they have no "worldlings" as friends, this makes it even harder to escape.

    I find this so true, you are kept so busy it makes this hard to even accomplish that area. We have not made friends since we left, only aquaintenances mostly to do with work

    I suppose, but it is not easy starting all over again, when your whole life has been dominated by jw's.


  • Terry

    Compare Jehovah's Witnesses with Jesus and his ministry.

    Jesus went out and encouraged dialogue with religious opposition, taking them on in public in a give and take of ideas, concepts and foundational views. Jesus approached rebuttal with common sense, rational appeal to logic and supported his refutations with quotations from the commonly held scriptural foundations.

    Jehovah's Witnesses do not debate in public venues. They will refuse invitations to a church to debate.

    Jesus encouraged questions, comments, colloquy and oppositional viewpoints to be aired by his disciples and apostles so that he could point out where and why they were in error. Jesus was never afraid to listen to contrary viewpoints.

    Jehovah's shepherds (elders) strongly discourage, silence and censor opposing viewpoints as a de facto act of disloyalty and spiritual weakness. You are immediately convicted as a troublemaker if you voice questionings or express doubts.

    This is what makes JW's a cult. The lack of approach by Loyal Opposition is stinging refutation of the "Christian" label.

    Jesus is nothing if not Socratic in his teaching methods. Jesus was never afraid of using a contrary situation as a teaching opportunity.

    For JW's, the practice of preaching and teaching has to be controlled under optimum conditions as rigorous as a magician about to perform a sleight-of-hand trick. What you are allowed to see is as important as what you aren't!

    The underground murmurring in JW's homes is discontent with the insularity, repression and knee-jerk condemnatory nature of the Society which has much to fear from free discourse.

    The way to drive out bad ideas is to allow better ideas to replace them.

    Jehovah's Witnesses fear better ideas.

  • Lo

    I really hated the way whenever I was with JWs, the only thing I felt I could discuss was the things the society approved. Not even about real spritual things. I felt quite bored at social activities they organised (the few). There was no fun, because they were too afraid of offending someone or of the Elders giving out. At a going-away party for one of the sisters, the music was cut off at 11 pm because everyone had to be bright and fresh for the ministry the next morning. And throughout the night the Elders kept cutting off the music and getting us to remember the REAL reason we were there-to give glory to Jehovah. I don't think JWs have proper, pant-wettingly downright inappropriate fun, or even know the meaning of. Like sometimes it's ok to have proper fun. Just thought I'd vent there. Ha.

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