The generation change- why now?

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  • hillbilly

    Jimmy... in a couple of years they will rename the whole annointed deal to what I call the "PERPETUAL 8000". At this point ..they have to drop 1935 and let a few "replacment" annointed in every year. This could go on forever... and the WTBTS needs a way to rationalise the static partakers numbers to the rank and file.

    The New Light gets brighter... and comes from a different compass heading.............


  • AuldSoul
    yknot: Barr (born 1913 in Scotland as JW) didn't claim anointment at 22, but later in life. Therefore he technically is a graph, as his anointment came after the sealing of 1935.

    John and his lovely wife had been married for years before he began to feel certain he was anointed. If I remember his account correctly, as he related it to our family when he came to Albany, Georgia as a guest speaker for a District Convention, he was already in his 40's.

    I have been waiting for some doctrinal change that would ease acceptance of two future changes, one of them being the amazing admission revelation that the number 144,000 is symbolic after all. I believe that the consolidation of the congregations will help the Governing Body determine where a problem with resistance to new doctrine is systemic to the entire elder body and where it is only a matter of a few rogue elders. It will also make it much easier to maintain the function of congregations where entire elder bodies need to be purged in the "cleansing" fires of the refiner.


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