Ditching the Book Study. Is it just a Buy Now, Pay Later option for the WT?

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  • Meeting Junkie No More
    Meeting Junkie No More


    I've been giving this some thought. If I were still in and hearing this announcement, it would give me pause and probably set off alarm bells. All the harping about the end coming, coming, blah blah blah and now one LESS meeting? How could that be? It would probably cause me to start wondering why the Society was making adjustments in their holy-spirit guided capacity in REACTION to worldly events and situations...bad bad modus operandi for a supposedly God directed organization. People too busy? Ok, so let's ease up on the load??

    I seem to remember one of the Ministry school setting sheets (over 50 possible settings to assist the sisters in their talks) had one to the effect of Talking to someone who insists there are TOO MANY MEETINGS(!?!) The higher ups must have realized that not only was this a common objection from worldlings who were not yet baptized but probably some in the congregations were feeling that way as well. Now, if the rumors are true, they are CAVING IN. I think a lot of blinders are going to come off. Some will figure if they've ditched the book study, what meeting is next? Let's skip everything except Sunday (at least for the summer!) and that should be the beginning of the next big exit. Here's hoping anyhow.

  • nicolaou
    Perhaps they are moulding their product to suit a changing customer base. Discuss.

    Excuse the language Paul but this is something I wrote a couple of years back;

    "a new breed of JW, the social JW, is now ascending. These kids don't give a flying fuck about [the WT] or its ego inflating fantasies of divine appointment" - topic

    I honestly don't think that the current crop of elders have the stomach for trying to keep in line a generation of teenagers and twenty-somethings who are completely disenfranchised with authority. The elders can't be arsed and the kids can't be arsed so everyone's just taking a couple of steps back from each other.

    Fun to watch isn't it?

  • bluesbreaker59

    See I still think that the "mid week Brainwashing" will be too much time, involved for the regulars, and its still at the end of the week. I know my dad and step-grandpa, were constantly "lobbying" for this arrangement. They were constantly complaining about gas prices, etc. So I think this may be the motivation for the Borg...

    You see, the less "travel" to the Kingdumb hell they have to do, the more gas (money) they save... Therefore MORE money available for "mother"... That's my theory anyway. I can almost hear the articles now on "What a loving arrangement it is, therefore give more of your 'valuable things' to Jehooba"... Blah, blah, blah, and the great hamster wheel keeps on spinnin'...

  • Lo

    Ditching the tuesday night meetings to work instead was the best thing I've done this year. Only good thing about it was the malteaser cheese cake. Sooo gooood. I can't believe I missed out on so many things as a result of going to those stupid meetings. Never again :D.

  • BurnTheShips
    Attrition like this can almost never be reversed, what will you do in twenty or thirty years time when the old apathy, malaise and stifled expectations have once again caused the brothers to 'stall'?

    This is a one way valve, in the developed West, they can only loosen, never tighten. These changes create the danger of free time and distractions. If members are allowed more time to think, they will think. If they have time to have joys outside the WT, they will indulge. The WT would banish the orgasm if it could ala Ingsoc. The umblical cords will stretch, and more will snap.


  • nicolaou

    My universe just imploded. I actually agreed with every word you wrote Burn!

    You'll be telling me you like beer and curry next.

  • nicolaou

    Another aspect to consider is the impact this will have on 'spiritually divided households'. The non-believing partner will get back one evening with their other half. A significant victory over the cult.

  • R.Crusoe

    Maybe they will do an online Bible study so they can get the IP of all JWs and keep track of the advent of the virtual revolution?

    Maybe they realise the big A aint so close as they thought will need to get with it sooner or later?

  • SirNose586

    I haven't been an active witness since my children were very young, but I can just imagine how hard it is on modern-day working men

    and women with small children on Tues. nights.....rush home from work in horrendous traffic, do dinner, make sure the kids have their homework

    done, get everybody cleaned up and ready, and rush off to some boring mind-numbing meeting.

    I still remember that mess from my MS days. What a heavy burden to put upon the friends...I still remember how the GB whined about feeling tired from the day yet they still went to Wednesday night meetings!

  • Not Feeling It
    Not Feeling It
    Question... is this merger between bookstudy and TMS/Service Meeting going to change the length from 1.45 hours to something like 2.45?

    Good question. Nearly 3-hour meetings would REALLY be the sux. My mom just emailed me the "Congregation Announcement" missive with the statement at the end that "This will help with all the economic problems out there".

    I love you, Mom, but that is hardly the motivation.

    I have to agree this is a pretty surprising move from a group that relishes telling people they aren't doing enough.

    still... Not Attending It.

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