Elder confirms "changes are ahead" but did not elaborate

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  • truthseeker

    The elder conducting the WT study said that changes were imminent but did not elaborate so unless someone spills the beans between now and next week, I guess we'll all have to wait.

    Right now we have three possibilities:

    1) The meetings are being restructured - rumors suggest that the congregation book study may no longer be held at private homes. However, if they are held at Kingdom Halls, this will have significant impact on congregations that already share a Kingdom Hall.

    It has been suggested that most announcments are made at the Service Meeting and I concur, but if this is a restructuring of meetings, then it would make sense to announce this on a Sunday as the public would be present and the handbills will have to change.

    If the book study stays perhaps it will be conbined with the School and Service Meeting with a question and answer review of the material with no paragraphs read.

    2) The BOE letter on staying only at hotels on the recommended list during the District Convention could be read but this would be more suited for the Service Meeting announcement.

    3) The position of Auxiliary Pioneer may be rendered obsolete and Regular Pioneer hours cut to 50 but again, this is the sort of announcement that would best happen at the Service Meeting.

  • Pwned

    i bet its something stupid like a new publication, tract probably, that works for a sunday. either that or a mass suicide ritual. pass the kool aid.

  • VM44

    When will we find out what this big news is?

  • R.Crusoe

    I remember seeing these 'bits of juice' as elders power trips!

    Some elders would skip the light fandango and turn cartwheels with their eyes then check on all the virgins wondering who would scoop the prize!

    When I look back????? And some still are living the moment of theri own WT egos!

    Putridity amidst imaginary divinity!

    Whatever changes there are cannot possibly scratch the surface of 6million who think heaven is free of demons who are roaming around looking for a fight on Earth.

  • JCanon

    Thanks for this information. I've become so indifferent with what he WTS is up to of late. But my interpretation of this, especially with the private JW-only magazines and then instructions of not having any independent meetings among witnesses, is that the organization is moving into a position of more direct control and surveillance. They will not only mind-control everyone involved, they will weed out those who are not fully into the cult and a 100% follower. Who knows what special instructions are given to the elders for watching out for "independent thinkers."

    At the same time, ironically, I'm interpreting this as possibly relaterd to the ECONOMY! A mass exodus is going to lead to loss of income. The economy is in trouble but if you've got a printing business with guaranteed subscribers paying the costs and you can keep that in place then you can weather the coming economic collapse a lot better. So it's like the Illuminati-controlled WTS doing what it can to secure its future income as much as possible; they are tightening their grip on the fold.

    In fact, this last "generatio" issue even to me seems a bit desperate. I never had the concept that the average witnesses really was paying any attention anyway; why draw undue attention to perhaps something not noticed before anyway? So THEY are concerned about these issues perhaps more than the flock themselves. New changes in how the organization works is another sign of desperation to control and insulate the organization from the free thinkers.

    Normally, I'd think this is a good time for an "apostate attack" with one of my fliers about some of their false teachings, but the Bible clearly says the WTS (false prophet) and the 666-Beast (the leaders of Christendom) are cast into the lake of fire "while still alive" (Rev. 19:20). So the organization will still be up and running when the crash comes and the UN removes, apparently, all public expression of any kind of religion and all these rich church institutions will have their money confiscated. No legal status or special tax status for any religions.

    When BTG is destroyed the merchants of the earth mourn over her demise and the great wealth she once had. Taking the financial status away from religions is likely the only way you can destroy organized religion. People are going to maintain their own views on god and religion regardless. You can't take that away from them. People have fought for freedom of religion and thought. But if that is modified to simply not allow certain men to publicly express those ideas, or organize any kind of a church organization, then many of these religions will die. If the WTS has no money to print magazines and books and has no kingdom halls, how can they function as a religion? All those preachers living off the congregations will disappear. They will all have to go out and get "real" jobs all of a sudden. Thus they will not be curtailing freedom of religion, just not making it easy for pastors and preachers to make huge profits doing so.

    Even this recent Barak Obama incident with his pastor is a great example. Some interpret this pastors statement as being radical and racist. It certainly has affected the campaign. So clearly, religion has dabbled in politics and there is a lot of talk about religion and the beliefs of the politicians now. In the meantime, the focus of a lot of terrorism is religious zeal stirred up by so-called religious leaders and their interpretation of their holy books. So to me, it's logical to suppress public expression of religion since it is clear that some charismatic leaders use the pulpit to manipulate people politically and socially beyond what the state would call "religion." Fact is, lots of hate groups hide behind religion. How can you close down some religious hate groups and draw the line for others. Easier just to close them ALL down.

    I also think all these child abuse issues in the forefront of religious leaders like the Catholics and JWs as well will help speed their early demise. Attacking the leaders and the institutions is not the same as attacking freedom of religion and thought. Believe what you want, but no tax breaks, no religiously held property. It sounds shocking but it is PRACTICAL in the current world, both economically as well as politically. But if you financially curtail the power of religions then you essentially destroy them, especially the huge organizations like the Catholics and JWs that are worldwide organizations. Massess of people controlled by the ideas of a few men whom they've convinced their followers are "holy" in some way or more connected to god than they are and thus they are obligated to follow them. In the case of the WTS it is truly the "blind leading the blind."

    Of course, if this is something that is possible or logically imminent then Armageddon is too. So actually the desperation we're seeing in the WTS is a good sign for those wanting Armgeddon to hurry and get here (like me). I'm acting out my FAITH! I'm putting my beliefs in action! Meaning? Meaning I know once a real economic crisis hits and it's too expensive to run to the casinos they will suffer too, so I'd better get my gambling in now if that's what I think I'll miss. So I went to the casinos last week and made my usual "donation" and had a good time. It was kinda sad though. I saw lots of people just sitting at the machines. They must be people who come on the bus and had nothing to do but wait to go home since they had spent all their money already. The must not have had that much to begin with. If the overall economy suffers, it affects every business eventually.

    When you think about it, if people lose jobs and become insolvent, they can't pay their taxes. Without taxes the government can't operate either. So trying to stimulate the economy is really a desperate act of self preservation. In the meantime you have all these religions sitting on billions and trillions of dollars, institutions now with reputations of promoting terroism, hate and child abuse. So why not confiscate all their funds to save the world economy? Even Christianity in the world is not seen as the "true" religion any more, but just an alternative one.


  • truthseeker


    You make some good points - however, the will of the people to freely worship God in any form will be very hard to control. It's tough to imagine the entire world under martial law where people who wish to worship are arrested and sent to reeducation centers.

    There are more believers than unbelievers.

    Look at the food riots in Haiti - they brought the government down. This is just food. People need to eat and people need to worship. Mass arrests and imprisonment for those who worship God are also likely to bring governments down.

    And perhaps this will be what causes the tribulation?

    So many questions, so few answers.

  • Rapunzel

    R. Crusoe - You write that some elders would skip the light fandango, and turn cartwheels 'cross the floor. Nice allusion to Procol Harum's "Whiter Shade of Pale." Either you're a young 'un who likes old folk's "classic" rock [By the way, in the 1960's, who the hell would have even been able to imagine the idea that the word classic would later be con-joined with the word rock?!?!], or else, this allusion that you use "dates" you.

  • JCanon


    You make some good points - however, the will of the people to freely worship God in any form will be very hard to control. It's tough to imagine the entire world under martial law where people who wish to worship are arrested and sent to reeducation centers.

    There are more believers than unbelievers.

    Look at the food riots in Haiti - they brought the government down. This is just food. People need to eat and people need to worship. Mass arrests and imprisonment for those who worship God are also likely to bring governments down.

    And perhaps this will be what causes the tribulation?

    So many questions, so few answers.

    Hi Truthseeker. I AGREE! But if you have a strict separation concept of church and state, and the state no longer gives tax exemptions for your personal religion, then it shifts how much you want to spend to operate your religion. Technically, the government is subsidizing organized religion. What if all of a sudden church buildings and property were taxed? What if organized religion were suddenly treated as any other business? That does not curtail freedom of religion but it makes it a lot more expensive. The other problem is how terrorists or hate groups use organized religion as a front. So the government may legitimately crack down on public assembly if that is seen as a potential issue. Now I know personally how that happens quickly and overnight because I lived in Los Angeles during the Watts riots. I and my brothers climed upon the roof of our garage in Compton and watched the string of fires burning down 103rd street. Marshall law set in and a curfew that included my area. An armed national guard unit was set up in the parking lot of a shopping center just a block away from me. I saw military combat jeeps patrolling the streets and the meetings were suspended. So it happened overnight, instantly, when there is social unrest. It didn't challenge our belief in god, but it hampered meetings. We couldn't go from door to door. Look what they just did in Texas? They went into to essentially a religious compound and confiscated 400 kids!!! Once you get on the wrong side of the law then your rights go to zero in seconds! Allegedly this was done on an unsubstantiated complaint, not that they are telling us everything. Or maybe they will focus on the religions too indistinguishable from the "Illuminati" and their underground operations. That means the Catholic Church and the WTS absolutely. Fritz Springmeier actually claims the headquarters of the Illuminati is at the WTS headquarters!!! I want to believe that is unsubstantiated but I can't prove otherwise! Fact is, what did he base that on?



    So in a situation of a global economic disaster and the bitter taste of manipulation by Illuminati-based organizations over the UN, I don't see curtailing large organized religions as any big step. Even the current war in Iraq is religious based and people in the world can see that religion is a dviding force in the world. So if the government allows you to believe what you want to but simply doesn't recognize ANY religion officially, then that might be a step toward world unity. The CONCEPT is already in place. Fundamentally, the government wants to go after these religious leaders who promote "terrorism" but across the water you have Christian groups preaching hate too. And the Catholic Church is known for it's "Crusades" in the past, so what's the difference? If you shut down one religion you have to shut them all down.

    It will be DRASTIC, but the world will be in a survival mode and that's when drastric measures seem logical. Per the Bible, the CIA is implicated as an arm of the Illuminati so who knows? Maybe it will be seen that the WTS is an ideal organization for spy and undercover operations, since they preach from door to door and are an international organization. Being a witness is the perfect cover for any spy! In fact, that is PRECISELY what Fritz S. also claims. So if some of these religions, especially the "cult" type religions like JWs and Mormons, are outlawed I don't think it will be that big of a surprise. We'll have to see. The political and religious worlds are overlapping right now, I can see some changes in that area.

    In fact, it is ALREADY happening! Think about what JWs have effected in public schools? No public prayer. No public expression of religion. Some people are complaining that Christmas decorations is religious expression and want to ban it! Some people don't want the courts to use the Bible to swear on or to have anything from the Bible part of the court system as far as quotes on the walls or anything. That's just to be fair to all the religions. So we are moving in that direction of limiting public expression of religion in certain areas. Disallowing tax exemption status for religions is an easy next step. Or they might even dissolve church corporations and make it so that the members form a church as a private club or something. They may ban public preaching of any religion in any public venue. Who knows? But it might be interesting to see how many religions die if the people had to fund them 100% themselves, or the government forced all the members to own equal individual shares in any religious group.

    If the government figures out that the Illuminati actually controls the CIA, the WTS and the Catholic Church and they decide to confiscate all funds from just those two organizations, sorry, include the Mormons in that, then that would fulfill the prophecy. Conficating the funds from these organizations would essentially shut them down.

    So, yes, I think it will be shocking, but it depends on exactly how it's done. In the meantime, check out the propaganda linking the Illuminati with the WTS!!! You might be surprised. Go to You Tube and search "Jehovahs witnesses illuminati" and follow the links.


  • grassyknoll07

    the big announcement is.... "2) The BOE letter on staying only at hotels on the recommended list during the District Convention ..." The letter is to be read 3 times; including sunday after the WT study. Just like the letter announcing the 2009 international conventions...

  • YoungAmerican

    I was just speaking to my mother this morning and she asked me if I had received my May Kingdom Ministry yet (she thinks I am still in the borg). She said something about reading the last paragraph or something that it is usually where they make the announcements about the upcoming conventions. She just said they are going to be announcing a "Global Campaign" of some sort and that it will have "World Wide" implecations. Any one know anything else yet???

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