Mormons, the origin of man. (video)

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  • free2beme

    Maybe your not too good of a debater, but when I read your response I actually felt the video was even more correct. Maybe your people need to build an army and take out the unbelievers to prevent them from changing your way of life ..................... wait you already did that once. LOL LOL Mormons! LOL LOL Silly people.

    Oh, but there was an apology in 2007 ... guess that makes murder okay

  • SusanHere

    So I showed you several obvious distortions/errors/outright lies and you think it makes the video more correct? Hmmmm, well, your choice!



    Signing off this thread, so everyone can feel free to jump on it.

  • free2beme

    If you are in a religion that is called a cult and see all sorts of people trying to explain this and yet your in defense all the time, then it shows your mind has a long way to grow. Perhaps it is not the lesson you were meant for in this life and in the next you will find out what is being said. Either way, the Mormons and Witnesses are the same thing. Only through years of trying to convince yourself otherwise can you not come to the same conclusion. In the end, you have to get up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror and be happy with what you see ... no one else. The more you defend the Mormon faith, a known cult, the more you show it to be just like the JW's. At least the JW's follow the bible though, and not some book written by white Indians who were killed off in wars never recorded in history or proven. LOL LOL Mormons! LOL LOL silly people.

  • Barbie Doll
    Barbie Doll
    This cartoon is exactly the way they believe, I learned it from a Mormon first hand ...

    Is this a joke? I think that is sick, the way Mormons believe.

  • free2beme

    That is the thing, it is not a joke. It is what they believe.

  • orbison11

    i spent about half an hour,,, going from one utube to another,,i am absolutely shocked,,i did not realized mormons believe as they do

    how can they, with a reasoning mind, believe that,,,,,at least the jw's had a bible to make distortions from

    i loved the utubes of the australian fellow purchasing the secret underwear, from now on i have no repect for a mormon at all


  • zeroday
    how can they, with a reasoning mind, believe that

    Yea and to think one of them wanted to become President...

  • Qcmbr

    I really didn't want to post on this thread but Orb's response forced me.

    Let's take as step back and engage our thinking before jumping on the aren't they stupid train. Rash conclusions just point to shallowness - I make no apologies for naming your condition fellow posters on this thread.

    Now that I've got everyone's temperatures up STOP, think and look at what I just did - I manipulated how you felt by pressing an emotive button. Its fairly easy to do.

    This video has an agenda. Find the agenda then work out its value. IF you happen to think that making fun of someones basic beliefs is a desirable attitude - i.e. you aspire to mockery - you will find this video absolutely useful - it contains just enough truth, quoted just enough out of context and mixed with enough sarcastic arrogance that it will resonate with you.

    Now if you actually have a desire to expose falsehood and drive towards a rational humanist view of society then this can't appeal to you because it doesn't expose any falsehood as it posits nothing provable in its place. I doubt rational humanists would like to hoist the anti-Mormon flag with ex-lds fundamentalist christians - especially ones who need cr*p cartoons to make their points. Fool me once...

    Now - let me deal with christians. If you are a christian and you want to point fingers and laugh make sure you have some defences for whatever unprovable 'lunacy' you choose to hold close to your heart - walking on water, post Eden incest, global genocide by flood, godly sanctioned polygamy, foreskin removal justification, animal sacrifice, papal infallibility, saints, indulgences, crusades, quiet women in church, Triune God who can forsake himself and yet be everywhere, God who can live inside your beating heart, God who communicates with fires on top of people's heads, God who creates a universe in 6 days and then takes a day off, God who tries to match up man with various animals before deciding on a woman built from an internal bone pulled out of man - then ironically condemns bestiality, makes magic food and magic wine, can walk through closed doors, fly, created satan and put him on earth, makes deals with satan just to see what an innocent man would do - said deal involves murder of children, curses children for father's sins, demands payment from poor widows - oh I can go on. Religious believers cannot claim rationality as a strength.

    Now - all the other 'wow - never trust a Mormon - especially in the White House' bigots - until you bring me empircal evidence we can actually discuss that proves Mormons are less intelligent, less finacially able, make worse leaders, make more irrational business and social decisions, are worse parents than other groupings of people you are just proving your own dullness and lack of effort. I'm NOT saying that their isn't evidence just that you need to quote it if you are going to paint me stupid!

    For the vast majority of people who can see this video for the malicious piece of crapulence it is and are satisfied that Susan has provided enough simple evidence to show its a flawed religious hate attack and would like a biased but researched rebuttal of such videos from the LDS side:

    If people wish to debate doctrinal / social / historical areas of Mormonism that they don't agree with or find strange I'm all for that - there are plenty of grown up discussions that can be had and the LDS faith is certainly not perfect or administeerd by perfect people, it certainly does have some strange beliefs - there is a reason we don't lie on the ground babbling in tongues or eat our God every Sunday - I just hate it when people condemn a group of people and make their mind up on how they will treat them and respect them based upon cartoons.

  • sacolton

    Mormon baptise dead people? Whoa! What's up with that?

  • reniaa

    While this is obviously a biased cartoon and should be taken as such 3 things stick out for me...

    Firstly the racism that is shown from the book of mormon which reflects the time period it was written. Colour of skin is never an issue in the bible, races good or bad are biblical taken on who they are, not what they are in relation to appearance so as a book written supposedly as the next scriptures in conjunction with the bible there is a conflict here.

    Next, do mormons really think they are going to be Gods? bible promises heaven not godship so this was confusing.

    The gold tablets definately comes across as a direct plagurism/copy of the tablets with comandments on them from bible.

    As the book of mormon is supposedly an add-on to bible there is a lot of conflicts between it and the bible, that for me put it more as something that hasn't got the bible's authenticity.

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