What are the best and worst congregations in the Midwest

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  • laneh

    Blondie, that's up to you.

  • Nowman

    Libertyville, Illinois....this hall was known in the circuit/district to be very stiff. I went there for about 5-6 years, moved to northern Illinois from Chicago. I was an only child, and there were hardly any people my age. Just a stiff atmosphere.


  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Moline ,Illinois in the early seventies.....always patted itself on the back as being so friendly and warm . I have to object to their self appraisal . The atmosphere was negative and you could feel the power struggle going on by the brothers . Meetings were stuffy dry events that snuffed the life right out of you .There was no personal care given to you unless you were of a chosen few . Those in the cliques did okay .

    Geneseo ,IL. was a young congregation in the 80's and nineties .It was lively and at least had some laughs . It's downfall was the overlording done by one large family . Their opinion seemed to rule over everyone else . The congregation was friendly enough ,But had a huge problem of malicious gossiping . As a young hall there was always an overload of children. At one time there were 50 children under the age of five . Things got real interesting as all those children became teens in the 2000's.I heard people say from other halls in the circuit to stay away from those Geneseo kids they're bad news ! Now i suppose the ones that stayed are all breeding a new crop of dubs.

  • Seeker4

    In August 1981 I was visiting family in Park Rapids, Minnesota. I didn't attend any meetings, but I did contact whatever the local congregation was and I went out in service one morning.

    A Pioneer couple showed up. That's all. They were a very discouraged young couple, and about mid-morning we stopped field service, bought a bottle of wine and went back to their place for an early lunch!

    I've often wondered if they stayed in the WTS. They seemed less than happy in their Pioneer assignment!


  • Quirky1

    I thought they were all bad. Nuttin' good 'bout'em!

  • calico

    Elgin, Illinois--Unfriendly, judgmental creeps.

  • bluesbreaker59

    Chariton, IA - This one was run by one family. Bro. Shafer is "the guy" at that place. He was the most judgemental elder that I ever came across. There were about 20-40 people at meetings, and I gave parts practically every other week on the school. I also ran mics for every meeting, and read for most book studies. Shafer had it out for my family. He never liked us, because we had a nice house, didn't go to every single meeting, we drank, we had friends, we were normal, and we hung with some worldly people too. My aunt got put on reproof by him, though he voted for DF, he DF'd my mother, he put me on private reproof, but voted for DF (I heard them talking) and he removed my dad as an MS. Totally dead little hall in the middle of a crappy little town.

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