Revelation - It's Grand Climax Adjusted

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  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    interesting updates. not so subtle though.

  • VM44

    changed “accidental nuclear war mathematically certain in next 25 years” to “possible”

    That is a rather large change, from virtual certainty to just "possible", skipping altogether saying that it was even was "probable"!

    Since almost anything could be said to be "possible", one wonders why they even bothered to retain make a remark at all about "accidental nuclear war".

    All the Watchtower publications make good and appropriate use of "Weasel Words".

    The wiki article about them gives a good description of exactly how the Watchtower uses such words.

    Weasel words are deliberately misleading or ambiguous language used to avoid making a straightforward statement while giving the appearance that such has been made. This type of language is used to deceive, distract, or manipulate an audience.

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