Revelation - It's Grand Climax Adjusted

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  • Jeffro

    Having received a copy of the new Watchtower Library CD, I decided to do a comparison of what actually changed with the updated Revelation book. I was expecting some significant changes with some 'new light' for the 'trumpet blasts' or other 'important' stuff, but in all, I thought the changes were mostly quite mundane, though some seem a little crafty for different reasons. Any thoughts...


    • removed almost all references to “Watchtower Society” and “President of the Watchtower Society
    • changed references to cited publications “published by Watchtower Society” to “Jehovah's Witnesses” (or “Bible Students” pre-1931)
    • footnotes citing Watchtower and Awake refer to newer articles
    • footnotes about 1914 replace Kingdom Come with Bible Teach
    • footnotes about Daniel replace Your Will with Daniel's Prophecy
    • uncapitalised “serpent” (Satan) (but becomes capitalised in chapter 27, 28 and 40)
    • capitalised “Witnesses
    • removed most references to Luke 21:24-26
    • removed most references to Matthew 25:31-33
    • changed “Judea” to “Judaea
    • various statistics updated
    • changed “20th century” to “our day” or similar

    Chapter 8

    • changed number of errors identified in 1919 regarding 1918 trial
    • hundreds executed” changed to “200

    Chapter 12

    • changed “many early missionaries” to “some

    Chapter 13

    • inserted “judgment evidently began in 1918”

    Chapter 14

    • changed “modern astronauts” to “human” (The Weirdest Change award goes to this one)

    Chapter 16

    • removed “nations and people being judged”
    • changed “accidental nuclear war mathematically certain in next 25 years” to “possible

    Chapter 18

    • changed ‘threat’ from “nuclear holocaust” to “terrorism
    • removed reference to Jeremiah 17:5
    • changed “world has been rocked and shaken by JW warnings” to “put on notice
    • changed “the Lamb will wipe out every tear” to “Jehovah
    • inserted "anointed might still be remaining"

    Chapter 21

    • changed “goatlike group described by Isaiah” to “those

    Chapter 24

    • changed “goatlike people” to “opponents

    Chapter 25

    • removed “justice tempered with mercy
    • changed placement of ‘42 months’ from “October 1914 into 1918” to “December 1914 to June 1918
    • changed “outbreak of first world war” to “December 1914

    Chapter 27

    • changed “10000 imprisoned in Nazi camps” to “12000
    • changed “thousands died” to “2000
    • inserted “change of government policy on non-Catholic religions

    Chapter 28

    • changed “It [successor to League of nations=UN] expelled nations” to “League of Nations

    Chapter 30

    • changed “in 539BC” to “after
    • changed “in the 1870s” to “by

    Chapter 32

    • removed “Satan is now maneuvering nations towards saying "Peace and Security"”

    Chapter 33

    • changed ‘Pope made no mention of Christ” to ‘very little attention’

    Chapter 34

    • retains 1 reference to NH Knorr as WTS president, and *adds* “of Watch Tower Society” to related footnote (removes all other references to “Watchtower Society” or “President”)
    • removed “diabolical nuclear age
    • changed “more than 5000 solidiers were killed” to “as many as 5000 people
    • changed “there will be a significant cry of "Peace and Security" before sudden destruction” to ‘the prophecy will not be understood until after it happens’

    Chapter 38

    • changed punctuation of quoted Revelation 9:1-3 to include “And the smoke from her goes on ascending forever and ever” as part of the spoken statement following “Hallelujah”.
    • changed “No doubt, anointed who survive will soon enter heaven” to “If any anointed survive…”

    Chapter 41

    • added “if any of the anointed are still alive

    Chapter 43

    • changed “river flows after the destruction of Satan’s world” to “river flows during the time of the end, and thereafter
    • changed “trees may picture 144,000” to “include
  • NewYork44M
  • changed “goatlike people” to “opponents
  • That seems like an odd change. May be "goat like" is too judgemental and you know that no witnesses can be accused of that.

  • GermanXJW

    It is because new light postponed the judgement of the sheep and goats to the future. Interesting, that they get rid of almost all references to the Watchtower Society and its president.

  • Quotes

    These changes are at once clever and diabolical. It is amazing how, in some cases, just a "subtle" word change will allow for a fundamental shift in dogma. Can we assume that these changes will NOT be carefully discolsed and announced, but rather will be allowed to slip by, unnoticed?

  • scholar


    The changes that you have listed are minor or technical in nature serving the need for clarity and accuracy so that we can be so ever grateful for the pure biblical research of the celebrated WT scholars.

    scholar JW

  • Shawn10538

    those are some substantial doctrinal changes! It's amazing how many there are. And no Witness has any clue about them. Sad.

  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead
    inserted “judgment evidentlybegan in 1918”

    I love the WTS language. Everything is "evidently", "no doubt", "maybe".... That's because they don't have a clue, and it's easier to reverse things that they are not so sure about if they just said "maybe"...

    But if you don't believe in all their uncertainty, then you're definitely out...

    [email protected]

  • SacrificialLoon

    Put on notice? I wonder if somone's been watching The Colbert Report.

    World, you have been put on notice!

  • hamsterbait

    Chapter 18 "Annointed MIGHT be remaining " needs changing in light of tomorrows WT study.

    They will now be remaining. Now they need:

    Revision of the revision of the reinterpreted reinterpretation!



  • Honesty

    The changes that you have listed are minor or technical in nature serving the need for clarity and accuracy so that we can be so ever grateful for the pure biblical research of the celebrated WT scholars.

    scholar JW

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