Didnt want it controling me so I quit.

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  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Congratulations and good health to you!

    I dont like being told what to do especially by inanimate objects.

    Me too - can you give me some tips on how to make my f*^%*(&ing toaster SHUT UP?

  • real one
    real one

    Can you hear your lungs thanking you. I hope you can. Good for you!

  • Quotes

    IP_SEC: CONGRATS! Nathan: you must first accept that your toaster is the Evil Slave. You should only listen to your microwave, since it is the most power-efficient kitchen appliance it obviously must be divine!

  • nomoreguilt

    IP_SEC..... Good suggestions, the part of with coffee and beer hits home.



  • tnangel73
    I dont like being told what to do especially by inanimate objects.

    Yeah, me too. I guess that's why my co-workers find me annoying for being able to ignore the warnings and alarms on machines for long periods of time. What can I say? I was trained well to drone out annoying sounds growing up ( at meetings).

    I stopped drinking 3 years ago. Because I was pregnant. Then I just never did start back. It's too freaking expensive..lol.

  • WTWizard

    That is a major reason I never started. I weighed the costs (money, health, and that it stinks and is generally unpleasant) against the benefits (none) before making the decision. And it was not worth starting, so I never did.

    My rebellion against the Washtowel Babble and Crap Slaveholder was the fading to waste their time worrying about me, shredding up all the Washtowel and Asleep! magazines, buying a Ouija board, rap, joining a "secret society" that they warned against (and I don't regret that one bit), and having an apartment full of Christmas decorations.

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    CONGRATS!!!!!!!! I quit 6 years ago. I loved smoking. It was my best friend. I wouldn't go places with my family, because I wouldn't be able to smoke. That is really sad, when I think about how much control it had.

    My first step, I didn't realize at the time, was to stop smoking in my car. I had bought my first car with leather seats, and the salesman told me that trade-in value goes down with smokiers. So, no cigarette was ever lit or smoked in my car. I had the car, light up a cig trigger, already beat.

    When I decided to quit, I smoked ever butt in the ashtray. I even went out to the garage, and picked up a butt. I made a mental video, of how pathetic I was at this moment in time.

    I bought some Nicorette gum, got sticker shock, and only chewed it when I really wanted a cig. I would even pretend to smoke while I chewed. Saying I needed a cig, while searching through my purse to get the gum. When I started chewing, I could actually picture myself smoking.

    When I bought my 2nd box, I thought how stupid it was, to spend this much money on gum. I started chewing 1/2 of a piece, then 1/4. I made that box last and last. I finally got down to my last whole piece. I saved it for months in my purse. It is now, only 1/4 of a piece. It is 6 years old, but I still have it.

  • IP_SEC

    Thats a great story HL

    When I decided to quit, I smoked ever butt in the ashtray.

    I was out of smokes once and did that. I though, 'this is soooo stupid" that was when i seriously realized how much control they had over me.

  • Quandry

    That is really quite an accomplishment-you should be proud!!!! Hope you enjoy the fresh, clean air now.

  • quietlyleaving

    good for you IP - keep it up

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