JW funeral this WE

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  • JoyNichols

    Tika - I think we can behave, ha ha, we just don't want to. My aunt's funeral is today and I doubt I'm going.

    I talked to my therapist about it and she was so pleased that I was being so honest with myself and making a healthy decision.

    It's hard for most people to understand it, but us shunned people know how sick our families are, and how mean-spirited they can be because of their cult.

    Besides, the funeral's supposed to be about the deceased, not about me and my crap . . . so me and my crap will stay right here and watch funny youtube sh#t or plant some flowers or something. And the JWInfo-mercial/funeral will go on as planned.

    I hope your hubby was okay with you not going . . . do you think he's gotten over it yet?

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