Your JW Relatives Have 2 Personalities - Cult & Authentic- See the Change

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  • flipper

    OTWO- I agree with you ! I remember " back in the day ", we'd be telling jokes out in field service and brother stoic would come along and everyone would get real quiet . I remember one time trying to tell an off color joke to a younger circuit overseer about a " busted rubber " or something - and in the background a fellow pioneer is waving to me saying, " Flipper No! Flipper No! " Funny as hell ! The circuit overseer laughed at the joke anyway, so it was cool !

    BLUE SAPPHIRE- Mark for later ! Thanks !

    M.J. - Yeah, I agree . The map of the world JW's are given doesn't give them the full perspective of life they need to see where to go in life and be successful. They have to learn to fill those holes in themselves ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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