self righteous nosey relatives

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  • loosie

    Sorry for the rant but hubby isn't home and I am irritated.

    My 12 year old makes videos on you tube. She is into Japanese anime. so sometimes she acts out made up skits with herself playing one the anime characters.

    Well at her birthday party Saturday she told her 10 year old cousin (Amber) what her account name was on you tube. Amber also makes singing videos on you tube. Well Amber checks out my daughters videos and then she shows her mom, Kris. Kris doesn't think one of the videos is appropriate.

    I went over to my Aunt's house tonight to fix her computer and my Aunt says have you seen you daughter's videos on you tube. I said yes I have seen most of them. My aunt says well Amber thinks there is on that you'll want to look at. Amber who was in the room at the time said "I did?!?!?!" Then my aunt corrects herself and say well your mom does.

    So I fixed my aunt computer. ( All I did was plug in the power to the monitor). ( I am a genius) And on my way out the door, my aunt mentions to be to be sure to check out the videos.

    So I get home and I do. My daughter is acting out a skit where she is mad another japanese anmie character who put bleach in her hair gel now her hair isn't it's original color. ( no biggie) except my daughter who is 12 uses the words "pissed" and "freakin"

    So I tell my daughter not to swear on her videos on you tube that other people are going to see.

    I mean tell the truth who didn't swear at 12 years old.

    As a side note Amber is the girl I spoke about in another thread who at her church talent show sang Bubbly. Here is a sample of the lyrics " under the covers nice and warm I get the tingles in a silly place"

    I did not point out the meaning of these lyrics to my cousin or aunt or anyone else for that matter.

    There is a reason that I have very little contact with my cousin Kris.

  • Robdar

    Yanno, it's always the same. You're trying to groove along in your life and along come the self righteous nosey relatives.

    You'r daughter sound talented. Perhaps there is some jealousy on their part?

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    Story Alert

    This happened when my daughter was around 8 years old. My babysitter, a devout Baptist, also took care of her own 9 yr old grand-daughter and 7 yr old grandson

    I arrived after work, to pick up my child. She asked me to sit down. I knew it was bad. She said the children were playing a new game they made up. "The Cussing Game". The 3 kids swore on the Bible, that they would not tell anyone about the game, or what was said. They would take turns saying a new word.

    When the mother of the boy, picked him up, he being a good Baptist like mom and grandma, had to confess all. His mother appalled, turned the car around, and headed back to grandma's house. Nobody could remember who actually started the game, rules were made by everybody.

    I looked at my daughter, with glaring eyes, and told the babysitter that I would handle this at home. When we got home, I sat her down, and asked for details. When she finished, I told her to stand up, and I moderately swatted her blue jeaned butt, one time, and told her she was grounded... for the rest of the evening. She then had to call the babysitter, and the one daughter, and tell them, she had been spanked and grounded.

    They were very happy, that my heathen child had been chastised. I told her to never tell how hard she was spanked, or how long she was grounded for.

    Kids will be kids, and they have enough on their plate, and me on mine, to be uptight about "The Cussing Game". At least they knew they were bad words!!

    Have your daughter, take it off of You Tube, and call the relatives, to tell them she was punished, and the awful video is gone. Then take her shopping!!

  • Frequent_Fader_Miles
    My aunt says well Amber thinks there is on that you'll want to look at. Amber who was in the room at the time said "I did?!?!?!"

    How funny!! She's lying on the poor child! What kind of christian example is that?

  • wings

    It took me awhile to even open this topic. I have had some experiences too. Not up to talking about them tonight, but just know, I understand and think you are a great mother.

    A computer genious for sure.


  • loosie

    Thank you for your comments. You guys are great.

    You know I pick my battles. If swearing is the worst my daughter does, and she doesn't end up doing drugs or worse. Then I am ok with that. I can't get too mad anyway because I swear. I just tell her not to swear around adults because it makes us feel like we aren't doing our job.

  • WTWizard

    And since when is the word "freaking" a swear word? It may have been used as a cuss word, but it has since become more acceptable (it comes from the word "fr*g", which is similar to the more familiar F word but is milder). It is not on the list of dirty words you cannot say on TV, and it would be appropriate in a PG film.

    No, the nosy relatives have no business in censoring stuff like that. If the rules of YouTube are violated, they are going to deal with it themselves (including banning members for severe and repeated violations). And, mild lyrics are not classified as objectionable at YouTube. (In any event, it appears between your daughter and YouTube, and no one else).

  • nelly136

    am with WTW on this one, what the heck is wrong with *freaking* ?

    i've never heard anyone say i want to 'freak your brains out'

    freak 1 (frk)

    n. 1. A thing or occurrence that is markedly unusual or irregular: A freak of nature produced the midsummer snow. 2. An abnormally formed organism, especially a person or animal regarded as a curiosity or monstrosity. 3. A sudden capricious turn of mind; a whim: "The freaks of the psyche can no more be explained than the Devil" Maurice Collis. 4. Slang a. A drug user or addict: a speed freak. b. An eccentric or nonconformist person, especially a member of a counterculture. c. An enthusiast: rock music freaks. adj. Highly unusual or irregular: a freak accident; a freak storm. intr. & tr.v.freaked, freakĀ·ing, freaksSlang 1. To experience or cause to experience frightening hallucinations or feelings of paranoia, especially as a result of taking a drug. Often used with out. 2. To behave or cause to behave irrationally and uncontrollably. Often used with out. 3. To become or cause to become greatly excited or upset. Often used with out.

    Noun1.freakfreak - a person or animal that is markedly unusual or deformed lusus naturae, monstrosity, monster leviathan - the largest or most massive thing of its kind; "it was a leviathan among redwoods"; "they were assigned the leviathan of textbooks" mutant, mutation, sport, variation - (biology) an organism that has characteristics resulting from chromosomal alteration
    2.freak - someone who is so ardently devoted to something that it resembles an addiction; "a golf addict"; "a car nut"; "a bodybuilding freak"; "a news junkie" addict, junkie, junky, nut enthusiast, partizan, partisan - an ardent and enthusiastic supporter of some person or activity gym rat - someone who spends all leisure time playing sports or working out in a gymnasium or health spa
    Verb1.freak - lose one's nerve; "When he saw the accident, he freaked out" freak out, gross out panic - be overcome by a sudden fear; "The students panicked when told that final exams were less than a week away"
  • Hope4Others

    I remember you telling us about the church singing of Amber. It seems like relatives always have an opinion and they think they no best,

    try to let in one ear and right out the other. I'm sure you must be quite proud of your daughter she sounds

    very creative.


  • Nowman

    My in-laws (Sister, brother, mom, dad in law) are my neighbors, so someone from my in-laws is always over. I put up with alot, but I let alot roll off my shoulders. That is, up until the point, they start getting into our business too much or they want to try to control the situation. I love them dearly, but just this weekend I had to tell them to mind their own business and I do not have to justify anything to them. Once they left, I said "love you guys" and that was it. If they are pissed at me, they will get over it, I had every right to do what I did, hence the reason why they did not say anything when I told them what I did. I did not go ballistic, I was calm, but firm. Inside I was thinking, do you people ever stop???

    I understand!


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