Chet Lemon

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  • asilentone

    He was a professional baseball player with Detroit Tigers and he became JW in the 80's. I was wondering what is his status in the org?

  • kerj2leev

    Originally with the White Sox's and then became a Tiger.....sorry Sox's fan here!

    As for his status in the org. I would have no clue!

  • isaacaustin

    Lou Whitaker was also a JW- converted by Lemon. Alan Trammel studied but never came in.

  • Confession

    Here's an article that's about five years old. It definitely suggests he strongly believes it's "The Truth."

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Yeah confession your righthe still is a Dub. Him and lou were my favorite players because of their dub status (thankgod they were actually good)

  • sweetface2233

    Some dude came on here a few months ago w/ a story quite similar to Lou Whitaker's. It caused quite a stir w/ some of the posters. Here is the thread.

  • MOG

    [Originally with the White Sox's and then became a Tiger.....sorry Sox's fan here! Im a ChiSox fan as well (grew up in Pilsen)..I saw Chet many of times..also Minnie Minoso son is/was JW..met him several times

  • lancelink

    I met him at the Janesville Wisconsin assembly hall back in the late 70's when he just was starting to study.

    Knowing who he was made it kind of un-nerving to actually meet him ( being a teenager myself at the time.)

  • nomoreguilt

    If you notice in the article it refers to his wife " GIGI ". His wife's name when they were associated with the cong in Troy Mich. was " Valerie ". She claimed to be of the annointed. So, something must have happened to Valerie for them to be divorced. ????


  • coffee_black

    He was in Florida for a while... my son (who is now 27) attended his baseball camp. I think my son was about 10 or 11 at the time.


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