What would happen to our tattoos in the New Order?

by LouBelle 16 Replies latest jw friends

  • SacrificialLoon

    Slyvester McMmonkey McBean would be resurrected, along with his star off machine.

  • loosie

    Whenever I asked these types of questions I was told not to speculate.

    Loosie ( of the speculator class)

  • loosie

    I think Jah would magically erase the objectional tattoos. But if you had a tattoo of a watchtower he would leave it on you.

  • AGuest
    Witnesses dont get tattoos

    That's because they still push adherence to the Old Law. Unfortunately, they still get their ears pierced, eat seafood and pork, and don't "wash and remove" themselves for seven days when menstruating or after having a wet dream (no vulgarity intended, truly).

    Thing is, though, if you live by the [features] of the Old Law... and you transgress ONE of them... you transgress them ALL.

    Given that they tend to like shrimp... and ham sandwiches... they really ought to let the whole "no tattoos" thing go.

    Peace to you all!

    A slave of Christ,


  • LouBelle

    Hey Lou, do you have any?

    Tired - yes I have one, on my back and have 3 more planned.

    LowKey- were you the guy that had the colour reworked - 'cos that looked awesome! Very good tattoo artiest!

    loosie - new scrolls will be opened you unbeliever!

  • AGuest

    My daughter (age 30) has eight. My son (age 26) has two. I don't have any because (1) I don't think I could handle the pain; (2) I've never come across anything (i.e., name, art, quote) that I would want to have permanently placed on my body... yet; (3) I'd probably have to "update" way too often; and (4) I don't think I could sit still long enough, anyway. Tried the henna thing once, at a fair, and got antsy about 1/4 way through.


    SA, of the "please-don't-hurt-me-antsy-pantsy" class... on her own

  • babygirl75
    I think Jah would magically erase the objectional tattoos.

    Yeah...those Mr. Clean Magic Eraser's are awesome!! I guess even Jah has heard!

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