How do I get over my Family treating me Like an Outcast

by moonpie 30 Replies latest jw experiences

  • real one
    real one

    Hello, if you still believe in God and obey his word you will be fine. If you go to church you will meet many people and have a new family. brothers and sisters everywhere! not a lot of judgemental fuddy duddies. Praise God! dont give up hope maybe one day they will come around but until then live your life to the fullest in God's will!

  • oompa

    Welcome Moonpie...have an RC Cola on me! I hate to sound negative, but possibly the shortest answer to your question is, "you don't." You may have to just learn to cope with it, and that takes: therapy, distractions, meds, drugs, booze, or booze and drugs (not recommend). You can also try to have the positive thought that they may also wake up happens...........................oompa

  • momzcrazy

    I agree with oompa, I don't think you ever really do get over it. But you can find the strength to have their rejection not matter that much. You may need therapy to help build your self worth, and reaffirm that you are not a bad person for using your own mind.


  • moonpie

    Thank You All for your replies. I feel so much better. I haven't felt this good in Year's . You guys are awesome.

  • Hope4Others

    Where friends are but a type away.


  • Quirky1

    Hello and Welcome to the board Moonpie!

    I am sorry you are in this situation but I do not have the answers. The shunning I know is there way of applying guilt to make you return. Almost everything they do is or say is a guil trip to make you feel as though you do not meet up to God's standards. What a "crock-o-sh*t"! This is something I would never ever do to family and friends no matter what the circumstances. It is sad that this is their mindset.

    There are many here that are or have been in your shoes. Read their comments and post often.

    I hope you the best!


  • Hope4Others

    Sorry about the computer guy, I had no idea it did that. Never looked it over

    good enough. Isn't very nice of me for your first day.



  • Aleman


    Six years! wow

    This feeling you have is quite normal because you want to be with your family and have everyone invoved in the conversation and in fun stuff with you, but you don't. I believe Satan the Devil feels the same like you, even though he's been away from his celestial family many more years than you.

    'Don't follow your own thoughts' because the way Jehovah God organized and educate is far better than any philosophy or doctrine exsisting in the crule and unjust world that belongs to Satan and his minions of Demons. Love is all you need and time to repair any damage you may have caused to your parents and siblings. Because you aren't the only one hurting, they are hurting too for not having you in their lives.

    Father Almighty Jehovah, Please ease the pain by the faith she has of you in her heart. Bless her acording to your will, and guide her away from any dark and confused place she may be trapped in. Allow your children to return because they want to and not becouse the feel obligated or forced to. For these are the ones that will trully bless you and love you and follow you. In the name of Jesus Christ - AMEN!


  • moonpie

    Thanks for the comments. They really are making me feel so much better. I'm really glad I joined.

  • moomanchu

    Welcome to the nut house.

    You don't, it's unatural.

    It sucks having family members stare at you like a deer in headlights.

    Because you aren't the only one hurting, they are hurting too for not having you in their lives.

    All this hurt because of a religon "religon is a snare and a racket".

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