Tribute to Mrs. Flipper - Happy Birthday to my Sweet Wife !

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  • flipper

    Well my wife turned another year younger yesterday - had my son and his girlfriend visiting so I couldn't post too much as we were busy celebrating ! I can truly say that having been in a couple bad relationships years before I met Mrs. Flipper that being with her the last 2 years plus ( married year and a half now ) has been the happiest years of my life. The positive energy and great hilarious humor she brings to my life is one of the magic formula's that help , I believe , a couple get through the stress of living in day to day life with the pressures we all face. Not only that - she's pretty too, inside and out ! The most gracious, caring, intelligent woman I've ever been with ! We met on E-harmony , and we had alot in common !

    If it wasn't for my wife - I never would have gotten on JWD as I had been faded for 3 and a half years and didn't want to be reminded of the " witness cult " again . Been there, done that. But out of her interest in seeing how to deal with my witness relatives still in the organization - she educated herself , and showed me this place JWD was a support board that really helps people ! So, I began checking it out- and lo and behold - got hooked ! I have learned so much , met so many nice people here , I have been assisted by you all . You've each taught me something , and I enjoy helping others as well !

    So, hey, we are all healing here , you know, some of us faster than others , but tonight I drink a toast to my wife , who made it happen for me ! It has been a great gift ! And I have her to thank for it! ( Simon too ! ) Love ya Mrs. Flipper , long may we flip out together ! Peace out ! Your hubby !

  • crazyblondeb

    Happy Birthday Mrs. Flipper!




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  • megaflower

    How wonderful, Mr Flipper. She sounds like a great lady. I just know she thinks you are a very special guy too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mrs. Flipper.

  • BFD

    Happy Birthday to you

    Happy Birthday to you

    Happy Birthday, Miss April

    Happy Birthday to you!



  • Casper

    Mrs. Flipper.... Sounds Like you're a Wonderful Lady...!!!


  • SnakesInTheTower


    Mr. Flipper has a gem in the Mrs.......... Ironic she was the one that started what has ended up being the "Flipper" joint account on the board, but its Mr. that is always here..... I think you have put out a shingle for therapy here...with all the phone calls you have been taking.....

    Snakes ()

  • AlmostAtheist

    Happy birthday, Mrs F!

  • Robdar

    Awwww. You two are so cute. Now, get a room, would ya?

    Happy Birthday Mrs. Flipper!

  • *summer*

    Happy Birthday, Mrs Flipper!

    And many happy years to the both of you!

  • crazyblondeb

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