What do you miss the LEAST and what do you miss the MOST about the Borg?

by nbernat 22 Replies latest jw experiences

  • SPAZnik

    Anything I could possibly miss about the borg, can be replicated elsewhere.

  • geevee

    I used to wonder if you would ever miss it if you stopped going. Well, it's been nigh on three years, and I dont miss a thing. All the wasted years of mind control. I went through a short phase of, well not actually missing the people, but the idea of "friends". Now my wife and I have found a couple that are low key, know about our cult past and are easy to hang with if we/they want too, no pressure, no judgement. Very nice..

  • parakeet

    What I miss least? The back-stabbing, malicious gossip, and general hypocrisy.

    What I miss most? That I didn't leave sooner.

  • yknot

    Miss least: "human imperfection and all the BS it covers within the WTS"

    Most: Going anywhere in the world and knowing I could find a familiar social structure, but I am sure this will fade in time too....

  • odie67

    What I miss the least:

    1. The long hours spent planning to study my watchtower but never really getting done.

    2. The long hours spent trying to figure out what to do with all the magazines piling up. afraid to throw them away telling myself i'll place them in FS someday.

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    I miss nothing about the Borg because it was the most miserable time of my lilfe.


  • St-Jacques

    The least: my dad never being around because the flock was SO much more important.

    The most: the odd times when my dad stopped being an elder and was just... yknow... my dad.

  • MissingLink

    Least: Brain switch in the "off" position

    Most: Feeling of community with the few good friends

  • WTWizard

    What is there to miss? After they have stripped any good out of the program, all there is left is the foulups. People straggling in for field circus, disrupting the arrangements, slow egress, picking up someone and they are not ready, having them not find the street when I see it and keep my big mouth shut, driving across town for a call that is not home, watching them pay $3 and more a gallon for gas, all the petty disorganizations--and getting to fog up the windows while everyone else is in a call.

    Now the things I do not miss. Having to read the Washtowel and Asleep! magazines. When a Washtowel tells me there is no fornication (or something else that I should properly enjoy) and I have to follow it. Brother Hounder. The dread that the Christmas music is going to start soon. Idiots that give me totally disjointed counsel. The petty rules. Boasting sessions throughout the week (three church days in a week!). The Grand Boasting Session with its petty rules and crackdowns on everything that is fun. Dressing up in hot weather. Not playing on the ice in cold weather. Always being out in field circus. Puke ugly calls. Just meeting men at the a$$emblies.


  • misguided

    What I miss the least: Everything associated with the Borg

    What I miss the most: Everybody associated with the Borg

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