wow, the Catholic freaking church is making the WTS look bad.

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  • chickpea

    what an understatement .... that no apology will ever be enough

    i know a guy, SOLD to a priest by the miserable excuse of a father.... he took cash from the priest who raped his son and had him do things a child should not even know exists....a priest who was sent to that parish to get away from "allegations" of misconduct with minors

    this friend.... a father of three now........he has alters, a little guy who stutters and is mortified that he is grateful the priest was "gentle" cos the "dad" would rape him and beat him....... put him in the hospital for a broken arm and clavicle...( he used a baseball bat) ......another alter is a teen who is homosexual and drug-seeking, another little guy who found the mother after her suicide.... then there is theself-loathing one who took the job of incest with his little sister so the "dad" would not beat her too.....

    the priest who should have shepherded this family, protected the vulnerable children, contributed to its ugly and preventable disintegration into a hellish nightmare of unbelievable cruelty and heinous criminality..... all the while known to the "church" to be a pedophile

    just one "kid's" story

    yeah, "i am sorry" will never be enough

  • stillajwexelder

    Pray tell me a good religion

  • WTWizard

    Yes, the Catholic church has a major problem with pedophiles. But the leaders are coming clean with it, and the Pope is trying to do something about it. It might not be a perfect solution, but at least they are trying to fix the problem. They are saying it's better to have fewer pastors than have many bad ones.

    On the other hand, the Washtowel Society is trying to steadfastly deny the problem. They say that it is isolated, that they are doing something about it. All they are doing is silencing the victims and lying to the media about it (at least the Catholic church is coming clean about it to the media). And the Catholic church doesn't have a Worldwide Pedophile Defense Fund like the Washtowel Society does.

    And it appears that it's the Washtowel Society's turn to start a Dark Ages.

  • greendawn


    No, I cannot name a non man-made religion.

    Then, allow me to re-phrase.

    I should have said "I put all religions in the same basket"

    They are religious organisations made up of imperfect humans that are prey to their instinctive forces and desires and singularly incapable of developing a proper spiritual nature.

    This is the age of the beast of the instinct inspired and directed man, a good religion will not appear until after it ends. Until then anyone seeking to be spiritual and to promote a truly spiritual culture will be suppresssed, frustrated, injured and almost certainly defeated. It is in the nature of this animal to act in that way.

    Even the spiritual leaders the supreme guardians of human spirituality more often than not are dangerous parasitic vermin that lead their largely ignorant followers down a path of deception and betrayal.

  • Mary
    i wonder if the WTS will come out with something similar, apologizing

    They have already. It's just that like Jesus' Return, it was invisible and only those "with the eye of understanding" were able to discern it.

    Kidding aside, I wouldn't want to hang from the end of a rope waiting for those arrogant pricks at Crooklyn to apologize. To admit that they protected so called brothers from criminal activities and punished the victims would put a serious dent in their already-dented reputation.

  • rekless

    It all boils down to this in mho, whoever come forth in the borg has to first answer this question, "Do you believe the Faitful and Descret Slave is the Jehovah's channel of communication? The second is "Why not leave it in Jehovah's hand." "Do you want to bring reproach upon Jehovah's Organization?"

    Any critical thinking or answers will get the accuser removed from the congregation then no one will ever believe him/her. That is why the organization has and will always have the same problems, they remove the wrong person--the victim.

    dan walker Clearlake, Ca.

  • SPAZnik

    poor poor wts

  • OnTheWayOut

    I think the Catholic Church recognizes that apologizing won't create many more lawsuits.
    The folks are filing them anyway. An apology only helps their image.

    WTS cannot possibly think like that. The wave of lawsuits is just starting and it is still
    cheaper to settle. An apology would only stir up more cases- more settlements or more
    court appearances.

    Plus, when does WTS ever apologize? We know how that goes.

  • bluesapphire

    Actually, I have a lot of respect for what the Pope has done and said. Sure, more needs to be done, i.e., changing Canon law so that pedophile priests cannot operate in lands that do not have stringent laws as the US and European nations.

    I hope the RCC continues to progress and move forward and serve as an example for correcting errors. I'm sorry for the victims. No apology will erase what they went through.

    But the good that is being done WILL NO DOUBT protect children. That has to be acknowledged. How many potential future acts of pedophilia are being averted by the proaction of the RCC?

    By contrast, how many more children are going to suffer by the INACTION of the Watchtower Society?

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