So excited I could *pOp*

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  • LouBelle

    Hullo SA Beef.

    I said "soccer" for the americans - their version of football is not soccer football, men running around with their head in cages - something like that.

    Actually FIFA have recently been here checking out the sites and the progress being made. They are VERY happy with how far we are, some stadiums are actually ahead of schedule - big up to Durban (our stadium is gonna be awesome).

    As for the electricity crises - well hopefully by 2010 we'll be soreted out. We have loadshedding every second day. But for the matches there are going to be UBER generaters at every site - so need to worry about that.

    The only concern form me for tourists is that they need to be educated - you cant just walk up to every tom dick or harry in the street and think they going to be friendly, you can't get into any taxi and expect to get there safely - so I'm putting together a kick ass footballer fan package giving the low down on everything. ( I love football, my brother plays for his lil team here, my family is football mad, plus I have the marketing skills, tourism contacts and the balls to do this.....that is of course if the football fans want something like that....)

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