Bethel Boys: What's the Deal with Nethinim?

by MissingLink 20 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • journey-on

    If you were still an active long-time JW....someone who has been in it say, since before 1975.....would you be

    thinking right about now that something is amiss? Would you be thinking right about now that perhaps

    our beloved WTB&TS has been infiltrated and is manipulating and changing our most sacred doctrines

    and twisting them into something unrecognizable by us old-timers. Is it new light? Or is it some "scribe"

    changing stuff. Remember, in the OT,a scribe was a writer then later was considered a lawyer. Research

    it. This is what they originally were in the Bible. They are the same ones that Jesus condemned and chastised.

    Many of us "old-timers" who were raised in this cult, have talked about how it seems like the lawyers are running

    the show now and the GB have become merely figureheads. I'm not a big proponent of subliminal messages in

    the artwork of the articles, but, sometimes I DO wonder about it as some of it seems so blatant.

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