I helped a friend out of the borg

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  • Mrs Smith
    Mrs Smith

    I had to share this with all of you. I hope it gives you encouragement to continue to try help your loved ones out.

    I'll call her Lisa. Lisa and I met when we started high school, we were both JWs at the time so we became instant friends. Lisa was in a different congregation and it took us a few days to realize that we were both JWs. We even got babtized on the same day.

    She was df'ed in her early 20s and I had relocated by then and we lost contact. I looked her up on Facebook a little while ago. She had since been reinstated I told her I no longer believe that JWs have the truth and thought she would stop e-mailing me. Instead she started asking questions. I got a phone call from her saying that she's out. It's been about three months, in this time she has read C of C and many internet articles. She is very inteligent and was always very curious. She was very cautious at first but the house of cards the WBTS built fell very quickly for her.

    I think in this case what made it easier for her to get out so quickly was that she had an awful JC did everything the elders wanted her to do and they df'ed her anyway. Her father had doubts that he expressed when she was younger but when the elders could not answer him he was told to stop asking those questions or he woulld be df'ed. Her father has since passed away and she truely believes that he died knowing that it wasn't the truth but decided not to rock the boat. Her family totaly cut her off when she was df'ed and she still suffers from their rejection today. She says that she knows they'll once again cut her off but this time she will have no guilt attached because she would have left with a clean conscience, and that she was use to not having them in her life anyway.

    I cannot beleive that I helped someone out.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Unless they type faster, I will be the first to say YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations.

    Good going. Excellent. You go, girl!!!!!!!!!!

  • mouthy

    Good for you Mrs Smith... Keep up the good work. Send your time in to Bethel...

  • AgentSmith

    I watched the developments with great interest. Well done, Mrs Smith.

  • WTWizard

    Good. That is one less witless that will be counting time (and counting toward their 7 million next year and the Critical Mass they are hoping for in order to go worldwide with their Second Dark Ages). And that much less help they are going to get next year when the Great Waste of Paper Distribution Campaign begins.

  • freetosee
  • Hortensia

    good for you - I'm so glad for her!

  • Hope4Others
    She had since been reinstated I told her I no longer believe that JWs have the truth and thought she would stop e-mailing me.

    That was such a great way in starting the conversation with your "curious friend ", I bet you

    knew that. Great job!



  • Mrs Smith
    Mrs Smith
    I bet you

    knew that. Great job!

    I was hoping . I just knew I could be open with her and I had nothing to lose. we hadn't been in contact for years so if she rejected me because of that I would have been ok with it. I'm not usually so daring.

  • Princess Daisy Boo
    Princess Daisy Boo

    Good for you Mrs Smith!!!



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