EXJW facebook group tries to find 10,000 exJWs

by Sirona 28 Replies latest jw friends

  • Sirona

    This facebook group is trying to get 10,000 exJW members...

    Join up!


  • daniel-p

    No way. This could be a very good thing - facebook is getting huge.

  • Sirona


  • LouBelle

    someone invite me to join - can only access from my mobile.

    Louise Maxwell


  • Princess Daisy Boo
    Princess Daisy Boo

    The only problem with this is that facebook is quite personalised - I have some active dubs as my FB friends and whilst I am getting braver, I dont want to out myself as an apostate completely just yet!!!

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I have no idea what 'facebook' is all about. I entered the cyber universe in my 40's and I have never even looked at that site. Should I?


  • Ruth Eeker
    Ruth Eeker

    Facebook is huge....I have joined the mentioned group and I have a group on there too that basically I post info from this site.

    I want people to be informed and Facebook is a good tool.

  • jamiebowers

    I signed up with FaceBook and requested membership to this group. Some smart ass signed Charles T. Russell up as a member and used his photo too. I thought it was funny.

  • daniel-p

    For those who don't know... Facebook is a networking site. It caught on primarily as a college-oriented site, where people of the same college, department, major, classes, etc. could join groups and talk with each other. You have a page to yourself, filled with whatever bio information you choose. You can use it for whatever want to use it for, posting picture albums, etc. You can form a locked group where you invite only people you want, and only those people within the group can see your information. That's just one setting you can choose; there are many other settings. It's pretty cool, but I ended up spending more and more time on it so I deleted my profile.

  • Alpaca

    Finding 10,000 pissed off ex-Dubs ought to be cinch!!!

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