Going to the Prom not allowed as a JW

by odie67 34 Replies latest jw experiences

  • bluesbreaker59

    I sure as shit wasn't allowed to go to mine. My then girlfriend's parents (all Dubs as well) wouldn't hear of it. It was also frowned on in my area, and my old congregation I grew up in had a terrible, "holier than thou" type PO, that probably would've DF'd me if I went.

    One of my biggest regrets was never playing sports, and never going to my prom, all things a NORMAL KID would get to do.

  • Nowman

    Yep I was not allowed either. I always wanted to go but as I got older, I just never acted like I wanted to either. Reason being, in 7th grade, I snuck to a social hour, told my parents I felt like getting dressed up. Well, somehow my parents found out, because when I got home, all hell broke loose, you know the big ole paddle waiting for my butt. I was in 7th grade, how humiliating.

  • Hope4Others

    "I so regret not letting our kids go to prom". They went to grad the whole cap & gown thing, pictures and luncheon after, thinking now they

    were pretty close to being the age of consent to do what they wanted. What we do in the name of 'SO CALLED TRUTH".


  • B_Deserter

    I bought into the whole "no friendship with the world" thing when I was a kid so I never really even wanted to go to my prom. I was going to college doing dual-credit by the time it came around anyway. I only actually went to class at my high school during my freshman year.

  • odie67

    I barely went to my 8th grade graduation because it was held in a church. I was like " I'm going to my graduation! it's not my fault it's in a church! " my grandparents didnt go...I know deep down inside they wanted to. My highschool graduation was also in a church and they came

    I guess they were like "screw that! we are not missing her big day"

    It's funny cause some things I was just not going to take no for an answer. I guess I should have done that with my prom too! but sometimes as a jw kid.... you had to choose your battles.

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