Going to the Prom not allowed as a JW

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  • odie67

    I didnt go to my prom because it was not allowed. I didnt even bother to ask. I don't regret it alot, but it would be nice to have a picture or two for memory sake. The weird thing is when you are born into the religion so many things are taught from birth that you don't even know that it isnt normal until you tell someone...

  • jamiebowers

    I heard a story from a second cousin of mine who was born in. She went to her prom and was crowned prom queen. When some of the other jw girls in her class found out, they ratted her to the elders. The elders insisted she give her crown back, and she refused. She graduated from high school and left home and the cult shortly afterwards. When we discussed meeting each other again for the first time since she was a toddler, she told me that I'd recognize her, because she'd be wearing her crown. Ha, ha. She turned out to be such a bright, funny lady!

  • Robdar

    Hmmm, must be new doctrine. When I was a JW, we were allowed to go to proms. Since you didn't ask, are you sure it wasn't allowed?

    Here is some advice you will discover to be true: If you ask for something, you just might get it. And it might turn out to be a very good time.

  • MeneMene

    My parents did not allow me to go to my prom in the middle 1960s. Some congregations are not as strict though so it probably would depend on what part of the country and even what part of town the family is in. And also would depend on how brainwashed the parents are.

    After I graduated and moved half way across the country I did go to a prom with a fellow witness that wanted to go but did not have a date. I was a few years older than him but took advantage of the opportunity to go since I had missed my own. I do not recall there being any issue with the congregation in that area.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    I can vouch for it being a no-no. From the platform spewed forth the rules of being a child of a jw. They rattled of these things like they were some sort of satanic rituals. No Prom, No Sports, No Dances, No Parties, No after-school anything, If you had time to play sports, dance, or party you had time to PREACH and sell watchtowers.

    FU**ING Partypooping, assmunching, penis leaching, dooshes! They sit on their thrones up in Brookly and FU** Little kids, steal, lie, and destroy lives, and we can't dance? FU** THEM!!!

    Oooops....sorry to get so mad. They suck.

  • Gopher

    No way could I have gone (as an elder's son). Maybe some of the fringe JW's did it, I don't know. It was against the WTS rules -- anyone you date your supposed to be thinking of marrying, and 17 or 18 is too young to marry (well maybe not for some JW's).

    I heard it was about sex and drinking -- maybe a kind of "coming of age". Definitely frowned on -- as a JW, you're supposed to avoid all such worldly association and be out in service or at the meeting the next morning!

  • sacolton

    We can dance if we want to
    We can leave your friends behind
    'Cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance
    Well they're no friends of mine
    I say, we can go where we want to
    A place where they will never find
    And we can act like we come from out of this world
    Leave the real one far behind
    And we can dance

  • NanaR

    I went to my Prom in 1970, and so did the other Witness who graduated at the same time.

    I was never allowed to go to other dances, but my mother made my Prom dress. My Dad was (at the time) the Theocratic Ministry School servant. At one time or another, he held every position in the congregation. He helped build the first Kingdom Hall in our town. My prom "date" was a pioneer a few years older than me. I had to get permission from the school for him to take me. I had a secret crush on him, but we were just friends. We stopped by the congregation servant's house for photos. The congregation servant was one of my Dad's best friends. In fact, we stopped at at least a half dozen Witness houses to show off our finery before we went to the dance.

    I had a good time!

    However, I have never been to a Class Reunion because my husband (who I didn't meet until 1973) said it was wrong to go. If I live long enough for there to be another one, I'm going!



  • lisavegas420

    Get this...I was allowed to go over to a witness families house, where the girls that were going to the prom, met up to get dressed, then they were all going out to eat, then to the prom together as a group. I was allowed to hang outand help with their hair and makeup so THEY could get ready. But I was not allowed to go.

    Not only was I NOT allowed to go to the prom, my dad gave a special needs talk, a few nights later, because so many of the witnesses DID go. It was the regular..blaa, blaa, worldly assoiciation, blaa blaa, type talk. but I was embarrassed and all my friends were mad at me.


  • Jim_TX

    Nope. Not allowed to go to prom.

    Not allowed to have girlfriends.

    Not allowed to walk across the stage at graduation.

    Of course... other JWs were... but they were considered 'weak' - or not 'spiritual' - or whatever the words were.


    Jim TX

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