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    Well, I think it could be to do with the way in which you have experienced being in a high control group (cult). For example: Cult's often impinge on our sense of self, demanding that we eat, act, dress etc... a certain way. However, the most damaging area is when they take control over our thinking ability, this is by far the most cruel and demeaning violation of our individuality.

    We all have our own sense of self...we often say things like; 'I'm not feeling myself today or 'it's not like me to...' High control groups dismiss our unique self, belittling the way we think and feel by demanding that we all become like the borg. This in turn has a very deep and wounding affect on us either consciously or unconsciously because it fails to validate our own worth.Unconditional love and support is a fundermental requirement in human growth because through it, it allows us the strenghth to love ourselves.

    when you hear lyrics such as ' Jesus take the wheel' there is a suggestion that you are to sacrifice a part of your self? Maybe your experience of sacrificing a part of who you are was a very painful one....because you were not treated kindly but rather you were disregarded. perhaps when you hear words to songs like these there is deep unconscious stiring of past hurts?

    The organization in affects says ' come to me, I am the way the truth and the light... and then plunges you into total darkness! it also says Come to me all you who are toiling and loaded down and you will find refreshments for your souls.....and then makes your burden 10x's the weight!

    No wonder your soul flinches when you hear anything to do with surendering any part of who you are!

    take good care of yourself...

  • mouthy

    OOps sorry Hotensia I upset you but this is what I thought sounded "icky">They involve really slopping thinking, and a self-righteous cult-like devotion to the religion, that you said

    Just because I really love some of the Hymns that many of the religions sing ,I really dont think I am self rightous but of course many of you may disagree & that is o.k. also. Sorry Queenie....

  • LouBelle

    loosie some of the christian rock stuff isn't half bad - yes I have 4 Christian CDS - some pretty good tunes.

  • 38 Years
    38 Years

    I feel creepy and uncomfortable when I hear religious songs and people who seem get controlled by them (like they show on TV). I have also seen some people almost go into a trace while singing them at some churches I've visited. I do like religious Christmas music and I like to see people happy when they sing hymns. So I think that for me, after being controlled for 38 years by the Watchtower, I don't like to have my beliefs or emotions controlled and I will mentally run away in the other direction.

  • real one
    real one

    when i attended church again for the first time i was looking around like oh boy, here we go now what. but when everyone stood up and started singing i really freaked out. i was looking for those lies i had been told like a detective. i saw people clapping their hands swaying from side to side reaching their hands to heaven (as it says to do in the Bible) a live band i mean lively, drums guitars tamborines all that. i was outdone. and i was ready to head for the door.but i made myself stay because i know how Psalms teaches us how to sing to the Lord and i wanted to see if they were following scripture. the jw certainly dont carry on as the Bible states joyful singing to the Lord. it took me a good 3xs going until i was doing the same things they were doing and Thank God for those screens cause I didnt know any of those songs!

    This may take a few times for you to get use to but as long as you are reading the scriptures along with the preacher and you can agree that the lyrics in the songs are meaningful and scriptual you will be fine.

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