My Mom quotes recent religion attrition rate survey AT me!!!!

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  • Hope4Others
    At this point I gave up. Brick walls give me a nasty headache

    Lol, I have the same problem with my mom, the older she gets the more ingrained it is.


  • steve2

    I find your mother's response less surprising than yours. She's a JW - what do you expect? If she said, "Tell me more" I bet you'd need two or three Clonazepam to calm yourself down. The surprise would be far too great. In a way, your mother's being considerate to you: Giving you predictable answers.

    Do something different other than talking about who's right or wrong. Take her out for an espresso, smell the roses together and talk about the weather. Anything other than boring attempts to persuade each other that the other is wrong.

  • B_Deserter

    Typical JW behavior. Cherry-pick only the facts that support their conclusion.

  • sitcomkid

    People are shaped by what they are taught, and your mother essentially sees the world through Jehovah’s Witness-colored glasses. She has been taught that any detraction from her religion is automatically wrong anyway. I admire you for trying; it’s almost impossible to get anywhere with one of them. I love how whatever happens automatically fortifies their beliefs, no matter what it is. If people are leaving churches, it means they are fed up with religion and we need to knock on their doors. If people are increasing their attendance in churches, they must be evidencing a hunger for spirituality that they cannot find outside of the organization and we need to knock on their doors. Have you ever heard the story of the man walking in the woods? He came upon a tree with a target on it. In the exact center of the target, right on the bull’s eye, a bow stuck out of the tree. “What an incredible marksman must be roaming the forest today!” he thought to himself. “It’s very hard to get a bull’s eye.” As he continued his walk, he came upon a second tree, then a third, then several more, all with bull’s eyes. Each arrow was right in the center of the target! Who could possibly be so gifted? A few steps later, he came across a gentleman with a big bow and a bag of arrows. He said, “Are you the man who has been shooting arrows into the trees in this forest?” “Yes,” the man answered. “Why do you ask?” “I was just wondering how you can get a bull’s eye each time. What is your secret?” The marksman replied, “I shoot the arrow first, and draw a circle around it after.”

  • JWdaughter

    Sitcom-wow, right on:)

    Welcome to the board!

  • sitcomkid

    Thanks for the welcome; I’m glad to be here!

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