3 Baptized at our latest Special Assembly Day at Bristol

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  • Casper
    The costs were announced at just under £2000 and they said they were in 'profit' by about £30. You don't hear that very often

    Now, there's something I don't remember ever hearing....

    Thanks for sharing,


  • monophonic

    "they were harping on about further education and full time careers."


    they really want everyone poor, undersocialized and stupid so even if they had an ounce of reasoning and realized how horrid the wtbts is, they could do nothing about it b/c of the social and monetary gun stuck to their head.

    get df'ed? lose janitorial job with Br. ______. better to keep mouth shut.

  • veen

    Three people who want to get married.

  • jefferywhat

    The old CA cost report always gets a reactions.

    Our went like this.

    We had "x" amount left over from last time.

    This time we are "-x".

    Taking into account the cost of this assembly we are now "x-4 Billion Pound" behind which amounts to 2 pounds each.

    The last SAD there was an audible gasp from the crowd.

  • WTWizard

    Charity? Since when is an organization that is attempting to plunge the whole human race into the Second Dark Ages, and that protects pedophiles within its membership while silencing their victims, a charity?

  • bobld

    Yeah give via credit cards.Hypocrates over 50% of their talks are about materilaism.Simpify,don't work overtime,get a part time job.Go preach,go and get more members we need some rich suckers who are educated,have well paying jobs so they can hand over their loot.We don't give a shit if the credit cards charge 25% interest,thats your problem not ours.Oh,by the way if you get in financial difficulty.WE DID NOT SAY YOU HAD TO USE YOUR CREDIT CARD TO MAKE VOLUNTARY DONATION.So don't blame us it was ALL up to you.

    Look at all the financial trouble in the U.S.A.


  • ThomasCovenant


    My mistake sorry.

    Bethel brother was from New Zealand not Canada.


    Thomas Covenant

  • B_Deserter

    I don't think the "Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Britain" is one of the official corporations of the society. I thought they were the "International Bible Students Association" there.

  • IP_SEC
    ets say you want 3% growth (as advertised), you need 18 people baptized in the year.

    Oh well - only 20 more to go...(pesky death rate)

    They still got the CircuitAss and DistroCon. Come on betsy!! Lets give them the benifit of the doubt. They ken doooooo itttttttt!!!!!

  • tmo1965

    You can also wait until you get home and make your donation on the evil Internet -


    This is a joke right?

    The JWs I talk to always emphasize how the WTS does not actively solicit donations. They even look down their noses at mainstream churches for passing collection plates. Have they always made requests for money?

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