Quotable Quotes - Henry Ford (fluff)

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  • Hope4Others

    Interesting quotes from ford. A comment I read about what you all have been discussing says Antisemitism in America reached its peak during the interwar period. I also

    had no idea about Fords beliefs.

    I saw the Ford museum in Dearborn, MI back in 1973

    Wow, just missed you, I was there in 1978 and happened to run into a newspaper reporter for the Detroit news some big shot was there

    at the time don't recall who. Anyways when she heard we were from Canada she took our picture, we made the front page and I think I still have it saved.


  • Rapunzel

    Yes, the film - "Birth of a Nation - is still studied for its techincal brilliance. Considered from a purely technical perspective, it ranks with "Citizen Kane" as an achievement in innovation.

    This introduces a problem that has long plagued ethicists: How to distinguish between technically brilliant achievements/artistic oeuvres, and the morally deranged people who produced these achievements and artistic works? Can someone appreciate "art for art's sake" [here, I understand the term art in its very broadest sense, in the sense of a produced artifact] in good conscious, while being totally aware of moral depravity of the person(s) who produced this art? To take only a few examples:

    1.) Wagner produced some of the most beautiful and technically brilliant opere ever composed. On the other hand, he was an infamous anti-semite. As I know, any performances of his opere were banned in the state of Israel.

    2.) The famous American poet, Ezra Pound - most famous as author of the Cantos - was a rabid anti-semite and fascist sympathizer. In fact, during World War Two, he lived in Italy and made many radio broadcasts praising Mussolini and attacking "Jewish bankers." At the end of the war, he was captured and imprisoned by the Americans. He was charged with treason, for which he faced execution. When the Americans caught him, they put him in a cage outside in a courtyard. Eventually, he was declared insane and put in a psychiatric hospital.

    3.) Ty Cobb, the "Georgia Peach" - was a wizard on the baseball diamond, but a hateful racist. Does he deserve a place in the "Hall of Fame." Or should he be banished to the "Hall of Shame"?

    Should these people be excused simply because they lived in an era when racism and anti-semitism were "in the air," and integral to society in general? Do they get a reprieve on this account?

  • Fadeout

    We have to view historical figures in context... specifically, the context of their times.

    Too, I would hope we would have a more complex view of every such figure than simply "good" or "bad."

    One does not make history by simply being good or bad. If we are appreciating a historical figure it is usually for something other than their morality. Some wonderful pieces of art were created by hypocrites, liars, criminals. Nations were led through difficult times by men who were untrue to their own marriage vows.

    We can appreciate Ford's undeniable contributions to humanity while loathing certain of his personal views or actions. He may not have been Gandhi... but who is?

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