I pretty much hate shopping when I run into a Jw who wants to chat....

by Hope4Others 19 Replies latest jw experiences

  • oompa

    "You honestly miss us? Well that is a surprise because you haven't called or had us over in I don't know how long....you must have misplaced our number....here it is..555-all-lies.......do have us over soon........love you hear from you.........."

    and remember, NEVER acknowledge a question you dont want to answer.....just like Jesus and politicians do....just go on to your next topic and rarely will anyone re-ask the question

  • nomoreguilt

    oompa.....Oh, yes, they miss us indeed, don't they?? They just can't stand to see us moving on with our lives, no longer dependant on them. They are also jealous of the fact that we don't have to waste our time while they don't have the nerve to satnd up and leave themselves.


  • WTWizard

    And they wonder why I try to blow them off. If at work, I will make myself busy and move onto a different section or start focusing on the project at hand. Invariably, they will tell me that the hounding to go to the boasting session is more important than the work at hand, or even holding a job (and then I have to pretend that the manager is watching and will kick them out of the store if they don't let me get my work done). I hope the managers have the balls to actually kick them out should they continually impede my work, repeatedly hound me to go to the boasting session, or attempt to physically carry me out the door and to their houses or Kingdumb Hells.

    If I happen to be shopping, I intend to make a beeline to the Christmas display. If it is out of season, the Halloween or patriotic displays will have to do. And I will start gesturing that, if they start hounding me to go to the boasting session, then I will start buying some of the items. That too is a good way for them to get kicked out of the store for impeding normal business (which they would if they tried to talk me out of a $60 purchase of Christmas decorations and/or gifts).

  • Casper

    This irks me to no end... so much so, that I usually go out of town to shop.

    I did have a major "Die Hard" stop and talk to me a month or so ago, chatted for about 5 min.

    Not once did she mention anything spiritual or say they missed me... lol. I wanted her to, I wanted to say... "Yeah, well it's only been like... 10 years.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    So guess, I'm still on the books.... not df'd or da'd...........


  • oneairhead

    I am fading and when I see some witness Nazi's that adhere to every word uttered by the FDS says I make it a point to say something and be overly nice. They usually lower their head and walk off.


  • Honesty

    I used to enjoy meeting up with the bruuthas at Wal-Mart and sharing a few details about 'the truth' that they never knew about until the Borg provided them with updated radar units.

    Now, they get a fix on me before I see them and they go into stealth mode.

  • Hope4Others

    Hubby said something simular when I got home, ya they miss us so much and there has not been a call in years. Then we looked at

    each other; "Should I have said that" and said "NOT". If I would of have she's the type to go back and tell everyone and then we might be hounded. So perhaps

    it's best to leave "sleeping dogs lie" on that response.


  • stillajwexelder

    I know - there is a sister I keep running into at WallyWorld (Walmart to those who do not know) and she shouts at the top of her voice hi brother +++++++ - it pisses me of and embarrasses me -I do have a first name - hell even God has a name and we are encouraged to use it.

  • dogisgod

    When I run into them I always say hi and sometimes a big hug. I know I'm a fool because I have affection for many that I grew up with. They are always uncomfortable and "have to go" . Makes me a little sad.

  • LouBelle

    For a while I didn't bump anyone and then it started happening - and started seeing the so called "good friends" I'd just smile & raise my eyebrows, nod my head. A couple chatted to me, but kept it very superficial.

    Most of the time I just ignore them *shrug* they are not part of my life anymore and treat them like that.

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