I pretty much hate shopping when I run into a Jw who wants to chat....

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  • Hope4Others

    So I'm grocery shopping and run into a woman (sister) don't use those terms much, its first names. Anyway the first

    thing she says:

    Woman: Well how are you guys doing?

    hope4: We are doing really super.

    Woman: So did you make it to memorial

    Hope4: Hard time to lie, well...uh.....No; do you really need to ask?

    Woman: Well we sure miss you guys, yes we honestly do.

    Hope4: Thank you for caring.

    And off I go. I guess I'm not nasty or mean enough for come backs. But all the while my thoughts were rolling

    around well Jesus came in 1914 didn't he? So no need to keep partaking...(thanks to all here) Did I say it? No thought better not

    get anything going to myself.


  • Hope4Others

    Yes, I actually left the board for and hour.

    Sonic the Hedgehog

  • potleg

    Sometimes they aren't listening, I ran into a JW I'd not seen for a few years. It was the usual we miss you stuff...with..

    Them, Bla, Bla Bla.. My brother got disfellowshipped

    Me, Oh, really,

    Them, Yeah, but now he's reinstated

    Me, Oh, that's too bad

    Them, Blah Blah... She never skipped a beat...


    Sorry to hear of your conversational encounters with the witlesses.

    Me? I'm disfellowshipped. That's the best cure for talkative dubs. It shuts them right up!


  • MissFreedom

    Ah, how they bug me so...

  • chickpea

    at least there was an inquiry as to how you were faring!!!

    i am so sick of the first words out of their mouths being..... you havent been to meetings......

    dubs!! there is no prize for stating the obvious!

  • flipper

    HOPE 4 OTHERS- Whenever I see witnesses I try to mention to them about the child abuse scadals of last year and the out of court settlements the Watchtower society made with the victims ! I live an hour and a half North of where I was a last a witness 5 years ago, nobody knows me here - so I can be assertive in informing them ; then sit back and watch the tortured expression on their face when they experience cognizant dissonance over hearing it. I give them a kleenex though ! LOL! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Hope4Others
    flipper: I live an hour and a half North of where I was a last a witness 5 years ago

    That's good it's like starting over fresh, no one knows you as a jw. I do at times discuss these issues with family in a careful way, but also I try to

    avoid too much controversy with other jw's since we have faded. Eventually we will not care.


  • nomoreguilt

    I think about some of the ahem, "friends" that I thought I had backwhen I was active. I have run into just a couple of them since. Do you suppose that thay might say, " Hey, NMG, remember whan we used to throw em back at your house. And, hey NMG, I really enjoyed your son's weddings, you really threw some nice parties."

    No, they just come off with the usual as the previous posters have said. No need to get redundant when it comes to dubs, as they are SO REDUNDANT!!!! ZZZZZZZZZZ


  • WTWizard

    Every time I run into those cockroaches, they only want to get me back to the boasting sessions and then out in field circus. Eventually, they want me in the Value Destroyer Training School (they know I cannot go there if they can't get me in the Kingdumb Hell first). I only hope something comes up that cuts the whole thing short.

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