How many marriages has the WT busted up?

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  • dinah

    Just been clickin' around the past few weeks.

    How many marriages have been ruined by the WT? How many were doomed from "I do" by the WT. It seems that love is so conditional, they should add it in the vows-----forsaking all others but not the WT.

    And then what about those few whom god (Elders) shine on who can get away with adultery and make the other person look guilty? People who find someone else in the Org that tickles their fancy----so they cheat, get df'd and come straight back smelling like a rose? What about being "unevenly yoked"? If you marry outside, you are treated like a leper UNLESS you can bring your unwilling mate in (with much kicking and screaming).

    When they put unwavering support to the GB over someone you have shared secrets with, loved, let live in your heart....they make themselves God.

    We have got to kick "Moses" throne out from under that imposter.

  • Honesty
    How many marriages has the WT busted up?

    Myriads upon myriads.

    The WTBTS says satan breaks up marriages...

    That is scary when you think about it.

  • owenfieldreams

    There's no doubt that, for a religion that claims to represent God, sure has a high and ever- increasing divorce rate among its members. Also, you are right Dinah--all the offending/guilty mate has to do is 'sit out' a year or two df'ed and then they can come back in to open arms, the reasons for the divorce be damned. I know--I was a victim of this kind of Alabama.

  • flipper

    DINAH - I guarandamntee you the Watchtower assisted breaking up my first marriage. They wanted to know what my witness wife and I did in the bedroom thanks to the witness wife without my knowledge talking about it to the elders and surprising me inviting the good old boys over for a interesting discussion about oral sex in witness marriages.

    Then she proceeded to call some of my best guy witness friends telling them about our private sex life - and how it brought back weird memories for her from her early teen years from another source. My guy friends called me back and asked, " Is your wife mental? Why would she discuss such things without asking you first ? " My reply, " Because she's mental. " The elders even told her to see a psychiatrist - but she got pissed at them and said , " I don't have any problems ! I got molested when I was young." They said, " That's why you need help. " She never did get therapy and raised my teenage daughters to think all men are scum. Go figure.

    But Good Karma finally came my way - and now I've been married to a great " worldy " woman with no hangups - Mrs. Flipper ! Goin' on 2 years of blissful marriage ! We can defaet the " sexual mind control" ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • R.Crusoe

    I like your story Flipps!

  • hillbilly

    they (WT elders) did not help keep me married twice. they were off the script and did not know how to manage advise for the first one... they were criminal in the advise they offered the second wife... yea I blame them for the second one-17 years down the tubes.



    Both of mine. The first one because I joined and the second one because I left.

  • wings

    I know the board is exausted with these threads....the ones about one leaving the borg and the other staying. But there doesn't seem to be an end to the need.

    I left my husband after a five year fade. If I had found this board a couple of years ago, I might have been able to stick it out. Not sure, I just know the lonliness of fading can be extreme. The simple idea of not being alone, and the connection to others in the same situation could have helped. Maybe.

    Anyhoo...I thought I could deal with anything but another woman, but service to the WTBTS demands brings a iron wall down on the intimacy and friendship of a relationship that is such divided.

    Someone is headed for eternal distruction, someone is always on gauard against evil influence from you. Living a life with someone where your core beliefs are OPPOSED. No way to live a life together, especially when you are the one doom, and no thought or comment isn't scrutinized.

  • llbh

    Fron what i see and here many

    I am just beginng divorce porceedings and i reckon that it is at least 90% due to my leavling the wts. The demands they place on the adherents are great strain when both are in. When one is out it causes huge problems for both.

    Many also get married too young because of the wts attitude toward sex and people marry to have sex rather than marry to be companions

    The wts is very family unfriendly and do not even attempt to be child friendly another source of alot of problems

    Regards David

  • WTWizard

    And I am sure, for every marriage they bust up, they bust up 50 that would have been. They will not allow two people of the opposite sex who are attracted to each other to test each other out in any way. Instead, they will insist that seeing each other amounts to fornication, even if none actually happens, and they will require it to be busted up.

    I have been counseled once for accepting rides from a book study from a sister (who was married, and to whom I was not sexually drawn but was on her way back). To the hounders, that was too much. Never mind letting things play out and see if something was going to happen--they assumed it would and tried to control who I go home with. (Now I just don't go to those wastefests at all.)

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