NAZI GERMANY alive and well in OAKLAND ... "Pre-Crime" searches

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  • What-A-Coincidence

    This is clearly a training exercise…training us to not invoke our rights and just be sheep… ... to wake up

    Oakland cops: Mind if we search your house for guns?

    By Kelly Rayburn, Staff Writer Article Created: 04/09/2008 05:58:57 PM PDT

    OAKLAND _ A six-month pilot program where Oakland police officers would knock on doors and ask permission to search homes for guns got the green light from the City Council's public safety committee Tuesday night.

    It goes to the full council Tuesday, when the council will meet at 6 p.m. at City Hall, 1 Frank Ogawa Plaza.

    The consent-to-search program, as it is called, is based closely on a similar effort launched in St. Louis in 1994 and on ongoing programs in Boston and Washington, D.C. The idea is simple: To ask parents for permission to search their homes for weapons their children may be hiding.

    Under the program, officers would request permission to search homes for guns. Guns would be taken away, but officers would not pursue prosecution unless the weapon was tied to a crime.

    The St. Louis effort fizzled after initial success, but Oakland's Deputy Police Chief David Kozicki said that in Washington, police officers say they cannot keep up with requests from parents to search their homes. Such is the interest in the program, he said.

    Councilwoman Patricia Kernighan (Grand Lake-Chinatown), who is on the public safety committee, said she was surprised to hear that and hoped Oakland might see the same results.

    ``I think it's worth trying and seeing what the community reaction is,'' she said. ``If it's embraced as a way to get guns off the street, great. If people don't want to cooperate, then we don't continue the program.''

    Kernighan and

    Councilwoman Desley Brooks (Eastmont-Seminary) asked the Police Department to look into the possibility of a consent-to-search program in February.

    The police department is proposing a six-month trial period for the program beginning in either June or July, probably somewhere in West Oakland.

    Lt. Kirt Mullnix said the program, which would be launched during summer break, would largely be operated by Campus Life and School Safety (CLASS) officers, who normally patrol in and around schools.

    It also could involve department problem-solving officers as well. All told, six to 10 officers would be used in the effort, Mullnix said. He didn't anticipate additional overtime being billed to the city.

    Consent-to-search programs are not without controversy. Oakland civil-rights attorney John Burris criticized the idea when asked about it in February. And the American Civil Liberties Union has protested programs in other cities. Mark Schlosberg, police practices policy director for the ACLU of Northern California, said the organization would pay close attention to what happens in Oakland.

    "There are a whole host of reasons why people might not want police to search their homes," he said. "But people might not know they have a right not to consent."

    City and police officials stressed it would be important to educate community members about how the program works before implementing it and said providing education and outreach would be a priority.

    Under the program, if guns were found, police would take them away, but not pursue prosecution unless the gun in question was tied to a shooting or homicide.

    ``The important thing is you're looking at removing guns from the streets to prevent future violence,'' Mullnix said. ``You're giving up arrest and prosecution for less violence in the future. It's another tool we can use. There's a lot of gun violence in Oakland and that's why we're trying it.''

    Contact Kelly Rayburn at (510) 208-6435 or [email protected]

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    They say they won't prosecute for illegal guns unless linked to crimes. How about anything else illegal they might find?

  • avishai

    Sounds innocuous.....but I've seen the DC draft, it's not. Plus, they say they won't prosecute unless......what if instead of a gun, they find a J, or a beer in the poor kids room, and he's like, 17? Bet your ass they'll prosecute on that

  • What-A-Coincidence

    you gotta like the spin. Imagine the GB saying: "Let us search your computer for porn and we will not form a committee."

  • buffalosrfree

    I can't believe people are so willing to give away their freedom. What a bunch of pussies, can't take action for themselves. It won't be far away and they will be seeking to do other things to violate your rights.

  • jaguarbass

    In law enforcement there is no such thing as off the record.

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    Have citizen's of the United States, lost their ever loving Mind?? If I was that worried about my child having a gun, I would rent or buy a metal detector. If I was afraid of them taking drugs, I would buy a drug test kit.

    Actually invite the police into my home to search? I have nothing to hide, but they better have a damn good warrant.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    If we stop invoking our rights everytime someone asks us politely to do something that can harm us, we have become sheep!

  • AGuest

    And may you all have peace!

    To qualify what I am about to say, please note... I live in Oakland. East Oakland. Touted as one of the WORSE parts of the Bay Area and California. I do happen to live in a fairly "good" part of East Oakland, but nonetheless... the "bad" part is only 2 blocks to my north and 5 blocks to my east. Trust me: Oakland has a PLETHORA of guns and a SERIOUS crime issue. Here are some statistics:

    "Crime - Though substantial gains have been made as evidenced from the Uniform Crime Reports published by the FBI, the city still ranks high in California for most categories of crime. In the 2006 Morgan Quitno crime rankings, Oakland is ranked the eighth most dangerous city nationwide and the second most dangerous in California. In 2007, according to annual FBI crime statistics (based on 2006 numbers) Oakland is the fourth most dangerous city in the U.S., surpassing another Bay Area city, Richmond, California, which ranks 9th. [34] In 2006, Oakland had 148 murders, [35] the highest number in ten years and the third highest since the early 1990s. [36] Murders increased 57 percent from only 94 murders in 2005. The peak was 175 homicides in 1992, [37] which was at a time when an average of 160 murders a year occurred in the 1990s (1999 saw the lowest count at 68). The majority of the crimes being committed occur in West Oakland, Oakland, California and the flatlands of East Oakland between I-580 and I-880. (Where I live!!) [38] [39] Besides homicides, Oakland has significant problems with other crimes of violence and property crimes. There were mixed results concerning crime in 2007; the city finished the year with 127 homicides (including justifiable ones), which was down from 148 in 2006. [40] Current mayor Ron Dellums is a member of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition, [41] an organization formed in 2006 and co-chaired by New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg and Boston mayor Thomas Menino.


    There were 127 homicides in Oakland in 2007. So far this year, at least 34 have occurred. Although that averages to about 8.5 murders a month... or 120 a year... it is anticipated that it will be "well into the hundreds" this year. The thing is... MANY of these crimes were committed by minors, usually gang members, and many of the victims were minors. And this is just the homicides. The number of people SHOT... is considerably higher.

    Now, I'm about to graduate from law school, so I know what consent search and seizure can mean. This program is supposed to allow parents... WHO ARE AFRAID OF THEIR OWN CHILDREN... to allow police in to check for weapons that MIGHT someday be used to kill someone. I hate to tell you, but in some instances, it might be necessary. Unfortunate, but true. The parents always have the option of saying no and/or consulting an attorney as well as having one present (both of which they would be wise to do).

    Moving on. The effort is needed, sorry to say. This past New Year's eve sounded like a skirmish in Iraq, so many guns were fired. And I'm not talking six-shooters, either. Glocks, semi-autos, and autos. It was bizarre. I have never heard nothing like it.

    This particular issue (consensual search of homes) came about as a result of a recent failed robbery attempt that left a 10-year-old paralyzed. The perpetrator was attempting to rob a gas station across the street from where the child was taking piano lessons. There he was, sitting at the piano, doing his "thing," when the idiot shooter started shooting at the station attendant. Somehow, a stray bullet entered the studio and hit the little boy. To this day (and the shooting occurred a few months ago), the child still doesn't know he'll NEVER walk again. He just thinks he's "sick."

    The City and Oakland Police Department responded by issuing a gun amnesty and buyback program: $250 for each gun turned in, no questions asked. The result? So many guns were turned in that the program ran out of money to pay those owed!!! Apparently, they received way more guns than they even imagined. True, some of the guns came from outside Oakland (folks came from as far away as Placeville - over 150 miles away), but most came from Oakland.

    I understand presevervation of 2nd and 4th Amendment rights are important. I think preserving lives is more important, however, and if you lived in Oakland, you might agree. The drive-by and other shootings here are so out of hand, it's ridiculous. Two weeks ago, 7 people were shot in less than 3 days. And that is not unusual. This program is just one of several. Today, 28 more police graduated and were added to the force. The Mayor has about 75 more to go, just to try and get a GRIP on this issue.

    Anyway, again, I understand the threat to 2nd and 4th Amendment rights. But if you lived in Oakland, you might think the safety of citizens might outweight those rights, right now. I know there are many parents... of victims and potential perpetrators... who do.

    I bid you peace.

    A slave of Christ,


  • avishai

    Yes, but it's ALREADY illegal for those people to have guns!! And if you are a parent, you can call the cops on your kids anyway, especially if they are living in your house. What these amendments do is open it up for cops to do them on a warrantless basis, or at the very least random intimidation...and in Oakland, where a good number of the cops are as bad as the gang members, in fact have BEEN gang members while on the force, well, it doesn't seem like the greatest solution

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