1924-Very, very rare-"Comforted Of God"--PDF!

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    1924-Very, very rare!-"Comforted Of God"--PDF! BM=Bookmarked S=Searchable R=Reduced from 18-MB to 9.8-MB REF.=Referenced (Second reference copy included) Written by Frederick Lardent (Supplement to "The Call Of The Bride") Date from handwritten notes from original owner shows 1924. ************************************************************* I cannot even imagine what this "very rare" booklet would sell for on Ebay! More than I could afford I can assure you! This booklet is one of the only booklets ever published with a copy of the song "Millions Now Living Will Never Die" included, written by Isabelle Elliott. (See page 29). The researcher who sent this 48 page booklet to us had one opportunity to scan it, and one opportunity only! He was pressed for time and did the very best he could under the circumstances. Meaning, parts of the booklet were literally cracking and falling apart in his hands. Page 8 did crack at the top of the page as you will see. This file, like others, is referenced which means there is a second copy provided as a reference for pages that are hard to view. If you should see a "white line" going across any of the pages while viewing the "older" documents, then click off that page and then click back to it, and the white line should disappear. The researcher who scanned it has a little different scanning setup and sometimes sending through email can cause this. If you are on a page that weak ink exists or shadows appear, then just click that same page number on the "bookmarks" provided and you will be able to see what the text really says. Your "search" tool will automatically take you to the reference file. COMFORTED OF GOD-download: Click the download link by the red arrow at the bottom of the next page. http://www.sendspace.com/file/y33tqo Here is a second download link: Click the yellow/orange download button at the bottom left of the next page. http://www.filesend.net/download.php?f=36f3d9a6e1398db1008f02607360db7e Tweety picture no.0185 Cheers! Atlantis!-

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    Thank you once again Atlantis! I hope I may be in a position to offer you something in return real soon.

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    I hope I may be in a position to offer you something in return real soon.

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    This isn't a Watchtower publication it is a Bible Student publication, published in those early years. In fact their a dime a dozen within Bible Student circles,

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